Painted Festive Earrings

Hey Everyone – – I know it’s Guest Post Extravaganza, but I just can’t stay away!

 I wanted to pop in just for a second as part of Crafty Cornucopia – it’s a Paint Craft Challenge and later in the week you can link up to win a prize…


Paint — what a fun challenge – such a broad topic!  I need a good pair of red earrings (since the holidays are coming up and all), so of course I turned to paint…here’s what I started with:
And obviously I have a thing for craft paint:
So grab some craft paint ( I picked a deep red, of course) and paint a quick coat on.  Let dry in between coats of paint.  I ended up doing 3 coats of color:
And then this is where I have a tutorial fail – because I didn’t even take pictures of the other steps – oops!  But I’ll talk you through it – – after the coats of color, I painted a coat of glitter paint (the Martha Stewart version – it worked great with it fabulousness in sparkle) and after that dried I painted a coat of Mod Podge over everything so the glitter won’t flake off.
After they’re dry, just assemble the earring pieces and wear with pride!  I should avoid having kids take my picture (because it’s an awful angle) but whatcha gonna do?!

So there you have it – my super simple, super fun paint project:
Don’t forget to come link up with one of your awesome paint projects.  Paint can be involved in almost any project, so sky’s the limit on this one!

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