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Hello Everyone! I’m Michele from Shelstring visiting here today with my amazing, wonderful family and I’m so excited to be guest posting my Thanksgiving place setting card here at the truly inspiring blog of Sugar Bee Crafts!

Shelstring is my jewelry line, and although that is my sideline money maker, my blog is all about home improvement, decor, and crafting with an occassional jewelry tutorial. Hope you’ll take the time to stop by my little corner of Oregon. As of right now, let’s get those creative juices flowing!

 See that tree behind the fence in the above picture? That is our old forever tall pine of inspiration. Every year we have guests over to our house for Thanksgiving, and every year unfailing I forget to make placement cards so guests know where to sit. Well not this year! This time I’m ahead of the game and ready to go with not only one but four different ideas to share. The first is what I am sharing here at Sugar Bee today.

Supplies you will need- 1-Pine cones (If you don’t have a tree nearby to get them from, there are bags of them on clearance at craft stores right now at crazy low prices!) 2-white glue (elmer’s style) in a disposable container. 3-paint brush 4- fine glitter or embossing powder (as shown here) and 5- container for rolling glitter/embossing powder.

Step 1) Brush glue onto pine cone tips as heavy or lightly as desired.
Step 2) Roll pine cone around in glitter till thoroughly covered (bright color used for easy view).
Step 3) let dry, turning occasionally to keep from sticking (This is not usually a problem, however, since the glitter sticks wherever the glue is applied) and let dry completely.

Step 4) print out names on desired cardstock and place in pine cones. 
 Voila! Can it be any simpler?!
Well, yes it can…
You don’t have to apply glitter at all.
I just love me a little glam!
Thank you Mandy, for allowing me the honor of creating with you on your wonderful blog and thank you everyone for letting me show you my simple idea! I hope you will join me for the next few days to see all the other Thanksgiving goodness I have to share at Shelstring along with my kitchen/dining redecorating for the Holidays! 
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