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What we’ve been up to this week…

First, did you know that Instagram is online??  For all those who don’t Instagram on your phone, here’s my online profile where you can follow the fun: http://instagram.com/sugarbeecrafts

And second, if you haven’t heard by now, Pinterest launched Secret Boards – wahoo!  You can find me on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/sugarbeecrafts/ (except for of course, my secret boards, mwhhahhh!!!)

Waiting in line for the Grand Opening of the 1/2 of 1/2 by me – – found a pair of jeans for $2, so totally worth it!

Everyone’s been catching up on computer work…

Finished a case for my daughter’s new scriptures – this is a sneak peek…

Voted super early in the morning and waited in a big line because of a pencil shortage (what?!)

Went on my son’s field trip – all day long at Earthworks…

Squeezed a lot of limes and ate a lot of cookies…

And I have been rockin’ it in the scheduling posts department – – seriously, look at this:

Yes, that says 61 Scheduled Posts!! I’ve got about 10 more to go, then I’m home free through the first week of December and then a little more (well, plus about 10 guest posts I’ve got to write for other blogs….) – time to catch up on life!  Can’t wait for Guest Posting Extravaganza to kick off on Monday.  (Oh, ignore the “Draft” section – you would think those are a bunch of fabulous ideas waiting for finishing touches, but they’re just all the guest posts I’ve done for other blogs…I should probably delete them, but you just never know!)

Hope you’re having a fun weekend!!

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  1. says

    Ok. This is probably a retarded question. I use blogspot for my blog as well and whenever I schedule a post and set the time it never shows up and I end up having to post it anyway on the right day. What am I doing wrong?

    If I’m just stupid you can tell me. I won’t be offended lol ;)

  2. says

    i had this morning…and tomorrow morning scheduled…and i was thinking i was ahead of the game!!!! i hate you and your productiveness…

    and i know i’m noreply commenter….can’t get if off! blogger hates me!

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