ShopLocket – with a $100 Gift Card giveaway!

Have something to sell this Holiday Season?

ShopLocket, a cool way to sell directly from your blog! – of course I’m interested. I have a hard time stocking my Etsy shop because I mainly want to sell to you all, my blog readers. I love the idea of selling directly to you from my blog – so smart!

Here’s what I set up – – my goal this month is to sell some Paparazzi to you, my readers! I just set this up as a trial, but I have big plans in the next couple of weeks… I am an Independent Paparazzi Consultant – here’s something in my stash…

It was super easy to set up – the simplest selling site I’ve ever tried. So this morning I cranked out another one – see what I’m debuting:

If you want to set up your own way to sell directly, check out ShopLocket. It’s really simple: go to the website, sign up, put in a few details about your product (name, description, pictures, etc.) and then you can share it on any website! And if you don’t have a website, you can just share a link to the ShopLocket page. So you could link to it from an email or facebook or whatever – so easy!

–There’s no crowded marketplace that you get lost in.
–There’s no time consuming and expensive setup like with some online store options. 
–It’s all about bringing your product to where you already have a market. 
–Share ShopLocket links anywhere or embed products on your website, blog or even Facebook page. Wherever your customers are, ShopLocket can help you sell to them.

Even their pricing is simple: there’s no up-front or monthly fees, you only pay when you sell (that’s a big deal to me – I don’t want to have to pay a fee if something didn’t sell). When you sell a product, you’re charged 2.5% plus any payment processing fees from PayPal or Stripe fees.
Super easy to sign up and get going – to sign up, just go to and you can be selling almost instantly!
As an added bonus, ShopLocket is going to be randomly giving out FIVE $100 gift certificates to Michaels to people that sign up in the next two weeks!

Want to get in on a fun giveaway – one of 5 $100 Michael’s Gift Cards from ShopLocket – Check this out… a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find my post disclosure here.

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  1. says

    What a great idea! If I was craftier-I would do this! I am a shopper so I can see this being a great feature for your blog; it’ll be easier for me to buy on impluse!

    I love the glitter scissors!!


  2. says

    That’s a fabulous idea, thanks so much for sharing it. I don’t know what I would sell, but knowing that there is the option to sell directly from my blog is kind of making me reach for possibilities. I love the Crafty Couple T-Shirts!

  3. says

    I think the tee shirts are really cute. I on’t have the time right now to make anything to sell, but I teach and have 2 months off in the summer, so I’ll have to do some thinking on that one.

  4. says

    I make jewelry, and while I don’t really have a blog, I’d rather do something more like this. Funny timing, today I took pictures of my stuff to get ready to sell somewhere…

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