Showing Off – Reader Feature

hi! i’m kim. and i love mandy
(i’m sure you do too and that’s why you are reading this.)
but i mean i loooooooove her.
even though she sucks and has more followers than me.
(but i’m over it obviously)
anyways i blog HERE and i’m excited to be over at sugar bee to show you my awesome picks of the world’s greatest link up party!

holy crap—these pilgrim crayon boxes are adorable !! throw on some brown paper as a tablecloth and let your kids go to town this thanksgiving.

the scrap shoppe

i just got my hands on this punch…it’s amazing. and i love what she did!
i love it. guarantee mine won’t look as cute (never does) but still…way adorable!

meeha meeha

love the color scheme of this bedroom–something i would never have thought to put together…final result fantastic!

the crafty blog stalker

cute easy diy bows–make a handful and slap on some presents!


i love me a maxi (cause i hate me some shaved legs)
and this plaid one just got bumped up to the top of my to do list
my heart would be grateful AND happy if she sent me her whole mantel in a box.
love love love.
so many fun ideas! i’m a hoarder so i love cute excuses to not feel guilty about it….
legos! we are a lego loving family (til we step on one..then we are a cursing lego family)
so this table is right up our alley.
i need this like yesterday…adore it all from the functionality to the fabric choice!!!
and guess what….you guys are so fetching awesome i’m featuring so more party link ups at my sunday shoutouts!!!!!
make sure to check it out to see if you got featured!!!!!

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    Thanks for featuring my t-shirt post. I love that Lego table too. I wonder how my hubby would react if I turned our end table into a Lego table though. And I agree, stepping on those things is awful. So is sucking them in a vacuum. Oops!

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