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Hi there!  I’m Sarah and I blog over at This Crazy, Blessed Life.  My blog is a snapshot at our life – sharing family photos and stories, whatever project I’m currently working on, and writing whatever is on my heart.  I’m a newly stay-at-home mom juggling making time for my faith, hubby, three kids, and whatever else I add to my plate!

I decided to make my kiddies custom Thanksgiving turkey outfits this year and my daughter needed a bow to go with it!  This project is very simple and was finished in 20 minutes {including stopping to snap pictures!}.
You’ll Need:
5 colored 3″ pieces of ribbon {for feathers}
14″ brown ribbon
tiny piece of orange and red ribbon
2 small googly eyes
glue gun & glue
Gather your supplies and cut all ribbons to size.  For the brown ribbon, you need a 2″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ piece of ribbon.
Start by assembling your feathers.  Dap a small spot of hot glue on the top of one end of the ribbon.  Loop the other top end to make the tops touch together.  The ends should be perpendicular to each other.  This gives the feathers a little curve.  Do this will all 5 pieces.
Now onto the body.  We are using the 3″, 4″, and 5″ pieces for the body.  And we are gluing them a little differently than the feathers.  This time, we want an even, complete circle.  Put a dab of hot glue on the top of one end of the ribbon and attach the bottom of the other end to create a circle.  Repeat with all three pieces.
Glue the three circles together at the spot where they are already glued.  You now have a turkey body!!!
Let’s work on the head!  Using your 2″ piece, create another circle keeping the two end pieces perpendicular.  
Put a dab of glue on the curve of the inside of the ribbon.  You are basically making a triangle head for the turkey.  Do this on both sides.
Next add the eyes, beak, and gobbler with hot glue.
You should now have 5 feathers, a body, and a head.  Let’s add the feathers to the body.  Start by gluing the center feather at the spot where the body is glued together.  
Then arrange and glue the other feathers on.  They look best if overlapped some.
Glue the head on at the same spot where the body is attached together.  You now have a turkey!
I like to use alligator clips for my hair bows, but you can attach it to a french clip, head band, or hair tie.  I also like to cover the tops of the alligator clip if it will be visible at all.  
To cover it, glue one end of the ribbon under the top part that you squeeze {technical terms, I know.}.
Glue along the whole top and wrap the ribbon under the top piece and glue again.
Glue the turkey onto the clip.  
{Hair Bow Tip #1 – Use your blow dryer to get rid of all of those silly, little hot glue strings!}
{Hair Bow Tip #2 – Seal the ends of your ribbon by heat sealing or using No Fray that you can purchase at any craft store.}
That’s it! 
Thank you so much to Mandy for having me!  Come visit This Crazy, Blessed Life and see what craziness we have going on today :)  And you can also follow on Facebook!
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