Turkey Shirts – boys and girls

I can’t get enough of all the super-cute Turkey Shirts out there!! with the face on the front and the feathers on the back – so so cute!

And so I just had to make a couple…

Just cut shapes out of felt and sew them on.  I didn’t use wonder under, but it is probably a good idea.  You can see my stitch lines here:

I’ve seen several tutorials, but the one I loved the most was over at ArtsyFartsyMama because the feathers were on the back – I just appreciate that touch!  Head to her site for the full tutorial.

I loved how the project could work great for a boy – awesome boy crafts are hard to come by.  But meanwhile my daughter saw the fun shirt and wanted one for herself.  Well who am I to turn down a request?!

Are you noticing I mixed things up for the girl version  – yep!  I added eyelashes (might be a little over the top but I couldn’t help it!) and instead of solid feathers I used the paisley printed felt from Michaels – I thought it was perfect for this project.
And since I was only planning on making one shirt at first, I didn’t have a second brown shirt on hand.  But I had a men’s XL brown shirt, so I cut it up and made her whole tshirt – I love how it has a boatneck feel to it. I’m not sure the sleeves match each other (I kept cutting them til I found a shape I liked then had to replicate it on the other side) so I just ignore that part.

She wore it to school with these in her hair – – November, we’re here!

These were really easy to put together – – really, go whip one up – the kids LOVE them!!

how to make a turkey shirt - thanksgiving fall craft

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    These are darling! You should check out my “turkey bun” hairstyle I did a couple years back! Would fit perfectly with the cute shirt! If I didn’t have such a love/hate relationship with sewing Halloween costumes I might just venture out to make these …. hmmmm!

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    OMG… These are so cute. I’ve sewn the traditional turkey applique for my daughter, but these would be fun to make for my nephews! I’m pinning this for next Thanksgiving since I won’t have time to get to them this year.
    Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.com


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