November 1, 2012

Washi Tape Treat Box

Today I have a quick washi tape tutorial for you.  If you haven't heard of washi tape, where have you been?!? :)   It is very similar to masking tape, but with cute prints and patterns.  It is a super easy way to add a little extra detail to any project.

For my quick tutorial, I needed to take a few cookies as a gift.  I didn't know what to put them in and finally dug up this box - but it was pretty mangled:

But with a little washi tape, it's a whole new box.  Washi tape gives you the opportunity to turn something discarded into something useable again!  I just wrapped tape around the box - that was it! In the areas where the box was torn, I simply used 2 layers of tape:
In case you were wondering, the cookies were delicious!! (Find the cookies for Best Cookies Ever here)

I just love the fun that washi tape adds!

For another random idea, I found this off of the Downtown Tape site - it is now on my to-do list:
If you need even more ideas, just search Washi Tape on Pinterest...

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It turned into a really cute little gift!

I've not gotten into washi tape yet but your little project here is sa-weet. I'm always saving little boxes and bags.

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