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Moving on to my board of things kid related, here are 13 Kid Projects that I want to help my kiddos accomplish in 2013…

This headband holder from FunnyGirlDesigns – I think my girls could attempt to make something similar, AND it would solve our massive headband storage problem.  In theory.

headband holder

Make bouncy balls, as shown at Curbly – because that’s just cool:

created at: 01/04/2012
I can’t get over the cuteness of these tiny bow and arrows at The Brooding Hen – a rare project that is both cute to me and cool to my 10 year old:

Get Trevor to make a Skateboard Swing, like at CedarWorks:

For a summer project, make a ton of Tin Can Windsocks like Random Thoughts of a Supermom:

Make tons of puzzles and then put them together again and again… see details on the picture puzzle at Impress Your Kids:

father's day craft

Tell the kids what a Lava Lamp is, then make one – like S.L.Smith (I don’t know why this picture got squished!)

Make Marble Races, then maybe they’ll play with them for hours… tutorial at A Girl and A Glue Gun:

Picnic at the Drive-In – cutely seen at Oh, Hello Friend – I can only do the drive-in every other year or so, so I guess I have to go this year…

Drive in movie picnic..

Glowstick Ring toss – – this has GOT to be fun!  Over at Momma Did It:

Glow in the Dark Party {ring toss}

Martha Stewart shows how to make Pipe Cleaner Creatures:


First, drink a lot of pop – then, make a Pop Tab Headband like at Hairstyles for Girls:

pop tab headband with ribbon
Get a paint by number then blow it up to a gigantic size – genius!  See this at Lil Blue Boo:
Oversized DIY paint by number via

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