Kiwi Crate and more Fun!

We love Kiwi Crate – -both sides!  They have the Kiwi Crate monthly craft kits, and they have The Studio, which are craft tutorials all in one place, plus you can buy kits to go along with them – now THAT’s genius.
We went sent a couple of things to test out  and I’ve been slacking on showing you the fun – – first – it’s worth just getting the super cute packages – love that!
Let’s talk about The Studio first – – you know all those fun tutorials you see online and decide to put together one for your kiddos to do.  And then you get super annoyed driving around to a million places to find all the supplies?  I think that’s the worst part of crafting – getting all the supplies.  Well, this takes all the supplies needed for a project, and sends them right to your door. Easy!
And my girls got super creative and made it have “bendy” branches – they had a fun time making this (and I liked how it was little effort on my part).  Let’s say it has a “modern” feel to it.
Now, on to the crates – – you can get a monthly subscription and fun in a box just shows up at your house each month – – so fun!  This “Crafty Christmas” kit came with ornaments and a Gingerbread House.  All were easy enough that my kids could do it pretty much on their own – I did assist in a few things. 

The older kids LOVED that they were swirling paint – who wouldn’t!

 And my preschooler enjoyed taking over the Gingerbread House Craft – he got to do it all himself and he was super proud of it!

 Be sure to check out Kiwi Crate and The Studio – – they are both such awesome concepts!  What’s not to love about craft supplies being delivered straight to your door?!?!

And FYI, There’s a fun Holiday Gift Away going on now!
Gift Away link: (sorry, US residents only!)
Dates: 11/29-12/10

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