Lamp Love with Lamps Plus

 oh my!  I ‘ve been checking out the new Color + Plus artisan made glass lamps – ah-mazing….

What I’m drooling over…

I know, right?!?  It’s so ME!
Let’s recap – – early fall I redid my front living room – it’s gray with pops of turquoise in a couple of different shades.  It looks awesome and I still love it:

This picture above looks so well-light because it’s in the middle of a bright sunny day.  But at night, or on cloudy days, this room is so dim.  THERE IS NO LIGHT!  Room’s without a light drive me crazy!  I don’t think Trevor up for installing a fixture, so a lamp is the solution.  Anytime I’m at a store that carries lamp, I whiz by the lamp section (walmart, lowe’s, you name it) but nothing has called to me….until now.

Checking out Lamps Plus Color new line – they have everything.  Turquoise is tricky because they’re so many shades, but they offer a ton — see, look at all these happy lamp bases:

And then you can pick your shade – – and remember my front room connects to my dining room, where I stenciled on the wall.  I love that the lampshade would mimic the wall pattern in the adjoining room:

They have lots, like a complete rainbow of choices – so I know you’ll find the perfect lamp for you!
Color Plus colored glass lamps

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective; the opinions expressed here are all my own.

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