December 6, 2012

Monogram Rain Boots - Elle Elyse

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

I want to get my new boots out to play....

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Last fall I was out doing some Christmas shopping and came across this quaint little shop on the Square in Liberty, MO, where I found the most amazing rain boots. They were monogrammed and $100! YIKES!! I went back this fall to get them because I have been dreaming of them. As luck would have it, they don’t carry them any longer. SO, I am going to make my own.
Follow these instructions to make monogrammed rain boots for yourself or these would make super cute Christmas gifts.


Using a Cricut cutting machine (you can use any cutting machine that will cut vinyl)
determine what font you would like to adhere to your boots.


I recommend cutting a test image on a scrap piece of paper to make sure you have selected the right size for the boots.


Load the selected vinyl into the Cricut and continue to step 4.


For my boots I determined I would like a 2 ½ inch monogram for the center letter and 1 ¼ inch for the letters on the sides.


I researched a little and decided the rain boots that I would wear the most are, the pomegranate Crocs. I ordered them from I chose Crocs because they are light weight AND warm. Most importantly, the color is what got my attention but all that other stuff is good to have too.
Nobody said its easy being beautiful ;)


Next, completely clean and dry your rain boot where the vinyl monogram is to be placed. For best results do not use a cleaner that will leave a residue. I used rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.


Then, using a ruler draw a chalk line to aid in the placement.


Carefully remove the vinyl monogram one letter at a time from the backing liner and apply to the boot using the chalk line as a guide.


Gently smooth down the vinyl using your fingers starting with the largest initial in the middle.


Then apply the remaining smaller characters to the left and right of the middle character.
L. E. C.


Repeat Steps 8-10 for the other boot remembering to start with the middle initial.


Ta da! Here is the finished product and I am LOVING them!


Can’t wait to style them on my blog
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That is screamin' cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Love this! So simple! How is the vinyl holding up in the rain?

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