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Hello everyone!
My name is Michelle and I blog over at 
I love to blog about crafts, recipes, and DIY tips.

First off, I must say I have LOVED looking through all these links.
I must say, you people are talented!!
Let’s see what we found…

I LOVE the colors in these Candy cane pudding parfaits from
Inside BruCrew life
These sound yummy!
Pudding parfait cups

I love the look of these personalized stockings from
So I saw this tutorial…
She got these from the dollar store!

This Winter wonderland themed mantel from
Flamingo toes
just works for me. It looks simple and pretty when she shows a shot from further back of the whole thing, but when she shows up close pictures, the details are beautiful.

When we were kids we would leave carrots for Santa’s reindeer, but for my son we might start using this adorable idea for Magic Reindeer Food, it comes from the
The Moody Fashionista

This free printable from
If I had a million hours
made me smile.
Our House Cover

This Batman ornament from
While wearing heels
would be a hit at our house, if you’ve had a chance to visit my blog, you know we’re all about superheroes over here!
My son saw this picture and told me we need to make one now :)

I love to decorate cupcakes and cakes, so I had to show some love for this My Little Pony cake from
Sugar tart crafts
What little girl wouldn’t love this?
My Little Pony Birthday Cake

and last, but certainly not least…
My whole life every year at Christmas my parents have us act out the Nativity. We always just grabbed bath robes, towels, and neck ties, but
Pink polka dot creations
gives us an easy way to make some cute costumes to be used again and again.

Thanks so much Mandy for letting me do this reader feature! It was a lot of fun looking through all of these clever ideas and yummy recipes!

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