December 26, 2012

The Party Dress, Holiday Dress Style - and hair flowers!

So at the last minute, I decided to make holiday dresses for my girls.  It's the amazing fabric that makes these so great:
I didn't even have holiday dresses on my radar - but then there I was at Kohl's, cashing in one of those "buy $10 get $10 off" coupons, and I spotted this awesome dress:
It's that rosette fabric that makes is so great - otherwise it's a pretty basic dress.  It was on sale - and still $35.  So I ordered fabric right when I got home - they were out of red but I got silver instead, which may be even better because I can switch out the sash for other seasons, etc.

So then I needed a pattern - The Party Dress over at The Cottage Home was the perfect one!

Some ways I remixed the pattern:
--the biggest remix was using that Rosette Fabric - it gave a whole new dimension to the dress.
-- I cut the neckline a little wider and lower, so it has more of a slight boatneck on my dresses. (you can see it best in that top photo)
-- My girls are 8 and 6, but I just used the size 5 bodice and used a smaller seam allowance.
-- The original pattern calls for a big gather on the skirt part.  That wouldn't work with the rosette fabric (I thought it wouldn't lay right with a big gather) so I adjusted the skirt part.  I also needed to make it longer since I wasn't doing a band.  I cut the following sizes:
Size 8: 18 inches by 22 inches
Size 6: 18 inches by 20 inches
--I wish I would have hand-stitched the hem, but I'm lazy :)
--I just used the width of the fabric for the sash instead of cutting to the exact measurements in the pattern - it make for super long sashes, so I will follow the pattern next time!

 Did you notice the hair bling that they're sporting??  It's from Simply Sweet and it's so cute!
 One is wearing a clip on her pin-curled bun, and one is wearing a headband.  I tried to get her to wear it in that across-the-forehead way, but she wasn't up for it, and I think she's working it just as a regular headband:
 I know these are holiday flowers, and you're probably not in that mode now, but they have so many other choices - really, I can't get over this cuteness.  You can pick clip or headband and they have sizes newborn through adult.
The Chloe Headband - M2M Persnickety Fall 2012
Sweet Berry Flower Headband
The Emma Headband - M2M Persnickety Fall 2012

So if you need something for a photo shoot, or everyday wear, check out Simply Sweet on etsy - - you'll find something you just have to have!

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Great job is usual Mandy! I love the use of the Rose fabric with this pattern, keep up the good work!

Wow! Those dresses are great.. almost as pretty as your girls! :) Thanks for sharing them with us.

Good idea on the width of the skirt. That is where I broke the two needles on my rosette dress! lol All that gathering can sure add up and make quite the thick bunch of fabric to sew through. 0_0

LOVE how they came out! I use width and a half for sashes usually. That must have been VERY wide fabric you used? lol I like the big red bows! :0)

Where did you get the fabric?

Those dresses are gorgeous. I love the rosette fabric.

Wow, those dresses are stunning! And I love the missing teeth on those cute girls. :)

I am swooning over your silver rose fabric... what a great holiday choice!!!

You are a brave woman, that fabric makes me cringe to think about sewing! Great result though makes for really special dresses.

I love it!!! The hair bling is adorable!

WOW! That fabric is completely stunning!! I love the colors and fabrics you've chosen and thank you for sharing the longer skirt measurements for the larger sizes. That is SO helpful! Again, this is so completely beautiful. Great job!!

so fancy ~ I'm loving the silver !
these 2 girls look like they are having so much fun :)

Fancy! I really like the hairbands too.

We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along!
With Love,

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