December 21, 2012

Thumbprint Ornaments

Did you see my Thumbprint Ornaments Tutorial over on Handmade Holidays at Honeybear Lane last month??  If not, here ya go - - they're super easy and only take about 10 minutes to make (plus baking time) so if you want personalized ornaments this year, whip some up!  You still have time!

First, grab some clay that can be baked hard - like Sculpty or a version of it.  Just check the pack to make sure it can be baked.  Each small clay package (about $1 or so) should make up to 6 ornamanets, so it's a thrifty project.  Roll and soften the clay with your hands until it is pliable.  Break it into chunks of clay approximately the size of quarters:

Roll the chunk into a ball and press it onto a smooth surface, like a table.  Then FLIP IT OVER - the smooth side from the surface should now be on top.  Have a child press their thumb into the clay - they may need help pressing hard enough: 
 Using a toothpick, write their names and the year on the edge.  It's easiest to use a poking motion instead of trying to drag the toothpick.  After that, find a spot to push the toothpick completely through the clay to create a hole (you'll use this to string the ornament):

Bake according to the directions on the package - usually about 275 for 20 minutes.  This will turn the clay hard and preserve the thumbprint.  Then grab your baked ornaments, some twine, and some jingle bells, because everything is better with a little jingle:

Thread the twine through the hole and then tie a knot.  This will prevent the bells from sliding too low and covering up the ornament:

Then slide on a few bells.  Tie another knot near the top of the strings to create a loop, as shown:

 Voila!!  That's it!  Hang on your tree and enjoy!!  
 My kids' favorite ornaments are the ones they can reminisce about, like the ones with baby pictures on them.  I know they'll love comparing their thumbprints as they grow and remembering how small they used to be.

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What a cute idea! I'm sending this to my daughter and my daughter-in-law. :-)

Oh how cute are these?! I just might have to make some with my niece and nephew and give them to their Mom as a Christmas gift. Sooo cute!

so adorable!! tucking this idea away for next year!

That is so sweet! What a great memory maker!

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