WIWW – Deals!

Do you know the store 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing??  Well, I’ve been to some where we used to live, but none by my current location – until now!  One just opened up and I think I’m hooked…

Want to see a couple of the deals I’ve found??  Of course you do….
I always head to the tag that’s on the deal for that day – that’s what you want to do…

This sweater I LOVED – there was a small hole but it was by the shoulder seam so it was an easy fix.  I paid $4 for it which was a splurge but I really liked it and I know it’ll get tons of wear.  I found the jeans there too – they were $2 and pretty tight, but for $2 I can compromise my modesty :)  – – plus, the tightness makes them wear great with boots.

This gray sweater was $2 – I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, til I got home (of course) but again, the hole was near a seam so it was an easy fit.  I belted it with my belt from The Pleated Poppy because it needed to come together (it must have originally came with a belt) – I think next time I want to add a button or two to hold it.

On a different trip to the same store, I found this Ann Taylor dress for $3 – it has an AMAZING fit – makes me realize that high-quality clothes are cut really nice.  Anyways, I love it!

I wasn’t sure what shoes to wear, so I thought black goes with everything.  I’m not sold on them – I wish I had some nude pumps or something.,  The bold earrings are from my Paparazzi and I thought they worked well with the cowl neckline – big earrings since there’s no necklace.

I also bought several knit shirts to cut up into leggings for my girls, because at those prices, shirts are cheaper than fabric!

Do you have a great place to shop near you?  Do you have favorite finds?  Any thoughts on the looks above?

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    Wow! I want one of those stores. Those prices are better than Goodwill.

    That dress is amazing. Looks beautiful. I really like all the outfits. Those steals look gorgeous on. Nice deal hunting and styling.


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