December 19, 2012

WIWW - Deals!

Do you know the store 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing??  Well, I've been to some where we used to live, but none by my current location - until now!  One just opened up and I think I'm hooked...

Want to see a couple of the deals I've found??  Of course you do....
I always head to the tag that's on the deal for that day - that's what you want to do...

This sweater I LOVED - there was a small hole but it was by the shoulder seam so it was an easy fix.  I paid $4 for it which was a splurge but I really liked it and I know it'll get tons of wear.  I found the jeans there too - they were $2 and pretty tight, but for $2 I can compromise my modesty :)  - - plus, the tightness makes them wear great with boots.

This gray sweater was $2 - I couldn't find anything wrong with it, til I got home (of course) but again, the hole was near a seam so it was an easy fit.  I belted it with my belt from The Pleated Poppy because it needed to come together (it must have originally came with a belt) - I think next time I want to add a button or two to hold it.
On a different trip to the same store, I found this Ann Taylor dress for $3 - it has an AMAZING fit - makes me realize that high-quality clothes are cut really nice.  Anyways, I love it!
I wasn't sure what shoes to wear, so I thought black goes with everything.  I'm not sold on them - I wish I had some nude pumps or something.,  The bold earrings are from my Paparazzi and I thought they worked well with the cowl neckline - big earrings since there's no necklace.

I also bought several knit shirts to cut up into leggings for my girls, because at those prices, shirts are cheaper than fabric!

Do you have a great place to shop near you?  Do you have favorite finds?  Any thoughts on the looks above?

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Wow! I want one of those stores. Those prices are better than Goodwill.

That dress is amazing. Looks beautiful. I really like all the outfits. Those steals look gorgeous on. Nice deal hunting and styling.


Leopard Flats with the last look? Or your even your boots? Both dress it down, but are other options.

Great finds! I love the sweaters and that dress looks beautiful on you. Nude heels would look really great with it. :)

I love the cardigan in that first outfit!!

ugh, you got some amazing pieces for so little. i wish we had that store near us!

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