WIWW – Holiday Version

I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating Christmas.  I know we did!

So for What I Wore Wednesday today, I thought I’d show what holiday attire I’ve been sporting…

I wore the outfit below to a holiday party – it’s a white ruffle shirt with a black cropped cardigan and pops of red in the shoes and necklace.  I was super excited to wear my new trouser jeans – I found them for $4 at the thrift store and they are super high quality.  They were a little big in the thigh and a little long, but I just took up the side seam and hemmed them.  I could have taken them in a little more but I wanted to keep the “trouser” look:

And you’re thinking – “wait, she already had trouser jeans” – and that is true – but those ones are a little short so I can only wear them with flats.  So now I have these ones I can wear with wedges/heels – makes perfect sense.

More on these leggings to come, but just know that they are from No Nonsense and the most comfortable pair of leggings ever – seriously – they’re corduroy, and so cozy!  I wore this outfit to our church Christmas party – it a casual holiday look:

And then to church the Sunday before Christmas I had everyone coordinating – Trevor even busted out a red shirt I had grabbed him at a garage sale long ago (it’s kind of a used-car-salesman look with the red shirt and suit, but technically that’s true…).  I will blog about the dresses I made for the girls later today and the ties I made for the boys sometime…

 My dress is the eShakti one I talked about on this post – I love it!  I found the black cardigan at that 1/2 of 1/2 store for $1 – no rips or anything – it was the find of the day!

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    So cute! I love your family photos and your girls with the hand-on-hip poses are precious. I’ve gotta start doing WIWW too. I have so many thrifted, clearance and hand me downs that I have fun with. For Christmas I wore a light gray jersey empire waist dress with a red silk blend cardi and black leather equestrian boots. And a green jade and string bracelet. It was comfy and festive and I even wore makeup! But I didn’t photograph it :-(

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