WIWW – Thanksgiving Recap

Even though I haven’t done What I Wore Wednesday, I’ve still been taking the occasional picture for you (on the days I’m not wearing sweats and a tshirt) so today I thought I’d share What I Wore over thanksgiving…

For actual Thanksgiving, I knew I needed to wear a decent outfit, but I also wanted to stuff myself silly – so I thought an outfit built around leggings would be the perfect solution…

So I based this outfit off of this one I saw on Pinterest that I of course forgot to actually pin for myself and know I can’t find it…anyone know?  I whipped up the infinity scarf just for the occasion, and I normally don’t wear that short of shirt with leggings (it’s only half-booty coverage instead of the full thing) but I just went for it.  Still not sure if that was a good idea.
The night of Thanksgiving I was out shopping – – my mom and I in our matching neon sweatshirts, which are great for spotting your shopping team while in the midst of chaos.  Also helps for random friends to spot you hanging out in the alley behind Target.

The next day I threw on the sweatshirt again, one thing lead to another, and for some reason I was wearing it when I did a photo shoot – at least my jeans were semi-trendy.  I caught a look of myself in the mirror and had to take a picture:

And then on Sunday I wore this dress that I fell in love with at the thrift store – I think it was $6, which is a little higher than I normally pay there, but it was such great quality.  I took in the side and shoulder seams just a little to make it fit better.

Every time I wear those boots, I sure get a lot of comments (no doubt!).  I liked this outfit when I wore it, but looking at the picture, I think something is off – maybe a different belt, or lose the tights, or something…probably the tights, right?

So, as Christmas approaches, let’s talk holiday wear….Do you wear leggings for comfort on holidays (like above) or do you dress up?  Or dress down?  Thoughts on my outfits?  Let’s here it all…

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    I ALWAYS wear cute pj pants on christmas and christmas eve. It’s been a tradition since I was little that the only days your allowed to wear pjs out of the house are those two. I have a cute fleece pair with penguins and christmas trees for this year. And I plan to wear a nightmare before christmas shirt! On thanksgiving I wore ‘stretchy’ jeans, do those count? haha! I typically wear themed things as well, like red on valentines day.

  2. says

    My holiday wear is usually just comfortable but slightly dressed up. Nice jeans, nice shirt. Cute PJs are a must for those random Christmas morning pictures before everyone gets dressed. And your boots… You know how I feel about boots. :) LOVE.

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    Love the Thanksgiving outfit, it was all about leggings for me this Thanksgiving too. I love the Chambray dress but the belt, tights and boots aren’t doing it for me. I think it would have looked nice with the black leggings and brown boots you wore for Thanksgiving (and would provide the extra booty coverage). I too don’t typically wear shirts with leggings that don’t provide full booty coverage :) Don’t get me wrong, I do like those boots, but I think if you are going to wear them, they need to be the focal point for the outfit (i.e. no pink belt added in and busy tights)

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