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February 29, 2012

Showing Off - Reader Feature

(remember each week a reader like YOU picks out their favorites from the link party for a feature post - want a turn?? just email me at mandybeez at gmail, and I'll send you the details...)

Hi, there!  My name is Colette and I blog over at My Computer is My Canvas where cute printables are my hobby and obsession.  I've been linking my projects up at Sugar Bee Crafts for over a year, so  I'm excited to be here this week!  I had a lot of fun going through all the links and leaving comments.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Showing Off - my picks


I really love featuring some of you - this is always so fun!  Here we go:

Show, Tell, Share has a tutorial on how to make this cute play dress - love love love the bright colors!

You can find a quick chevron wall art tutorial on She's Crafty - love the bold statement:

you can see some homemade Olive Garden breadsticks over at Chef in Training - um, YUM!

Love this triangle quilt from Finding my Way in Texas -
bloggity 039-1

I think the glass etch vinyl is a great addition to this mirror - you can see it over at Keeping it Simple:

Amazing quilt over at Happy in Red - wow!

Rae Gun ramblings showed how to make a baby sling - I used mine a ton with my kiddos, before slings were even that popular...

Southern Scraps gave a try at making a ruffled necklace - turned out pretty cute!

I want to give a try to making these microwave potato chips, as seen on Life's Jewelry Box - they look so good!

AND..............most viewed link..................

crafting mistakes from Helping Little Hands - glad I'm not the only one who does crazy craft things:

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:  (oh, and if you were featured on FB, or if you're featured later this afternoon, you're included - grab away!!)

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WIWW - denim again

I really do take all of your thoughts and ideas on outfits into consideration.
Let's continue the whole denim shirt thing....After last week's What I Wore Wednesday (see HERE), Katie gave an outfit suggestion, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It was to wear a cardigan OVER a denim shirt.

So here's my look:
and here it is side-by-side to the inspiration from Lilly's Style:

So I don't know what it is, but I wasn't really diggin' it on me - - I know I need a skinny belt, but what else? darker pants?  I know I shouldn't be wearing socks with my shoes, but my feet were cold, and they're shamrock socks so I figured I was just being festive.

And speaking of outfits for inspiration, I may have mentioned this before, but I just giggle anytime I see myself pinned on someone's style board.  Really - me?!?  that's what's funny.

Anyways, more thoughts on denim??  Other things I should try??

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February 27, 2012

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to -  - and who will be the most viewed link - maybe you?
- - just a run down- -
  • Link to a Specific Post, not your whole blog - no more than a couple of posts please
  • Try to visit a few other people on the list - it's fun to support and encourage fellow craftiness - and everyone LOVES comments
If you're new to link-ups and have questions let me know and I'll do my best to help

Miss Mandy Bag - teaser

So I've been posting about my SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty entries the week after they are in the competition - so today I should be posting a tutorial about the Miss Mandy Bag.

BUT, I am still working on making a pattern for it, so this won't be a tutorial post....but I still want to talk about the bag I love!!

Let me start with a story.  I was at walmart and saw a lady with a bag that I loved from a distance.  But I'm not one to talk to people I don't know, so I just admired it from afar.  But then I kept thinking and thinking about it, trying to work myself up to talk to her - but I couldn't!  So I went about my shopping.  THEN, when checking out, the lady with the bag happen to be talking to someone I knew - perfect, my IN.  So I went to say hi to the person I knew and somehow worked in a way to ask the lady if I could take a picture of her bag:
Awesome, right?  It's a Vera Bradley bag and can be found HERE: (I can't seem to grab the image from their site).  So it was inspiration with the piping on the front - but even thought I like the looks of a flap, I knew I didn't want it because I love to just drop things right into my bags.  So I came up with the features I wanted and got to work.

First up, picking fabric - this might have been the hardest part - I can never decide!! I had it narrowed down to these three and finally ended up with the one on the left.  When I first got all the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms as a 1/2 yard bundle, I thought this particular one was SUPER ugly - like "when am I ever going to use that?!?".  But it's grown on me because now I love it.  Funny how fabric taste changes....

Speaking of the fabric, I was actually on top of things and remembered to line up the pattern - so professional.  See the bag of my bag, all aligned and centered perfectly:

So to brag, I think I really did a good job with my sewing.  I thought "wow, I can actually sew!!" - my most favorite part is the detail on the front made with piping -
That front panel is actually a pocket - one side is for my phone and the other for my keys --
I used a thrift store belt for the metal circle details - I think adding those instead of just sewing the handle directly to the bag makes it a little more professional:
I pulled over at an old building on the way home from gymnastics and had my preschooler take a few action shots of the bag in use - she's getting better at the camera:
 I really really love my bag!! I show it off to everyone with a "hey, did you see my AWESOME bag - I MADE it - REALLY!!" - people probably think I'm a bit strange....but I really love it!

Pattern to come, hopefully soon......

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Somewhere, over the.....

Another week, another chance to vote - - this week's SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty theme is RoyGBiv, aka Rainbow.  So if you love this headband like we do, GO VOTE :)  (you vote at that link on the right-hand sidebar)
I'll do a tutorial for it next week.....

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Seamingly Smitten - Giveaway!

Hey Everyone - - happy Monday!  You know I love starting Mondays with a great giveaway, and this week is no exception! Get excited - it's a pick-what-you-want from Seamingly Smitten - wahoo!
Seamingly Smitten
Want to see some super cute pattern choices??

I've been wanting to make a shirt like this - something that for me would be going just a little out of my comfort box - wouldn't it be great for spring??
Miss Mod Top - Women's PDF sewing pattern - by Seamingly Smitten

I also love this A Line dress for girls:
A-Line Dress for girls, Girls sewing pattern, dress tutorial, easy dress, PDF sewing PATTERN

And I love the back of this ruffled pinafore:
Ruffles Galore Pinafore, Girls sewing pattern, dress tutorial, easy dress, PDF sewing PATTERN, how to sew

I know I know - super cute!!  Want to know what you could win??
$35 store credit - that means you can pick out several patterns - wahoo!!

So, how to enter (for each entry, leave a comment on this post saying you completed the entry):

 2. write on the Seamingly Smitten facebook wall
3. post about the giveaway on your facebook wall
4. follow the Seamingly Smitten blog:

Good Luck Everyone!!  Giveaway ends Friday, March 2 (what?!?! when did MARCH get here?!?) around noon - -

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February 25, 2012

Photo Glimpse - Photo Class

(remember, each week I try to give you a look into the non-crafty side of life...)

A fewweeks ago I put on a Photography Workshop - I'm just now getting around to blogging about it -- but it was so much fun!!  I just love taking pictures and want to let everyone know that they can learn to work their camera and get great pictures.

But of course I spent the class telling everyone that you need natural light to take great pictures - and then I forgot to take a picture of everyone until the end, when it's dark out --

Before I show you more pictures from then, just a heads up if you want to get to know your camera better:

--my group was given the Photo Essentials book by Katie Evans - it's a great go-to reference to keep in your camera bag about how to use your camera.  you can get it for only $6.
She also has an in-depth book, The Key to Taking Pictures, for $35, which I've reviewed and think is a great informative read.

--I have also reviewed Say No to Auto by Kristen Duke and it makes a great go-to reference for your camera bag as well - it's $10.  She just came out with a new book, Get Focused,, for $12, which is aimed for those of you who are comfortable in your camera settings and are ready to take your photography to another level.  It sounds great as well.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about your camera, I may do another Photography workshop in the spring.

Anyways, everyone was great to ignore my torn-apart kitchen (it was in the midst of repainting cabinets) and construction zone back yard (you know, the playhouse....).  We covered tons of info on basics, and camera settings, and photoshop, and even went outside to take a few pictures.  Several people went from full auto to full manual settings, so it was a challenge, but everyone did great!

 These were sent to my by Jill so I just had to share them - thanks again!

My daughter modeled and everyone practiced taking pictures.  It was pretty chilly so we didn't stay out long.  I took one of her also, to show that you can think outside the box - I completely cut her head off on purpose - I love how it bring the focus in on her life as a 7 year old - leaves stuck to her socks, a hole starting in the knee of her pants, hair tie around her wrist, flaking off nail polish, etc
It was super super fun!!  Thanks everyone!!

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you've probably seen this floating around, but I thought it was pretty funny -- funny enough to post about:

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