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July 30, 2012

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Want to see where I'm at in blogland today??  clickable button....

Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to -  - and who will be the most viewed link - maybe you?
- - just a run down- -
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If you're new to link-ups and have questions let me know and I'll do my best to help

Party Time! - with Pony Royale!!

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
 Yes, we threw a Pony Party - my girls were SO EXCITED!!!
I put them in charge - they did all the planning and preparation.  We were sent Pony Royale Ponies for my girls and some of their friends to try out.  Have you ever heard of these new ponies??  well, gather your girls and watch this fun video....we sent it to all the girls before the party to get them excited....

About Pony Royale and the Pony Princesses:
Pony Royale, a new toy line starring beautiful princess ponies, brings a fresh new approach to princess play in the fashion doll category.  Pony Royale combines favorite play patterns - hair play, fashion play and nurturing play – to give children endless hours of open-ended creative play with a fun and easy fashion system.

The twelve Princess Ponies are pony action figure dolls with names, personalities, and changeable hair and outfits.
  • With two Pony Royale dolls, make over 60 fashion styles!
  • Each pony comes with a jeweled birthstone blaze
  • Two sets of Change-It-Up Hair and hair brush included!

First we made tickets with numbers and handed them out - then each girl took a turn picking a pony - that was a tough decision!!

They were really fun and well received by the party-goers.  The girls had deep discussions on the names and birthstones of the ponies.  They come with interchangeable manes, so you can really change up the look - see, they strip clear down...
I really liked that they could use their creativity in creating a specific look for their pony - it seemed like that was their favorite part - they were constantly redressing them, etc.

Here's a show of the lined-up fashion show:
We had snacks too... macaroons from a mix from a can - surprisingly pretty good....
But mostly the girls just loved playing with the ponies - mine spent the rest of the afternoon playing ponies, even after the party was long over:

The Pony Royale collection will be available at Toys R Us in late July and in select Target stores in August - so now's the time to find them!  Go look for them - my girls them them a thumbs up!!

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Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. Look for Princess Ponies in stores starting late July! Meanwhile, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

Giveaway - Birdsong Bows

I have been loving Birdsong Bows patterns for quite awhile now.....
Here's a picture from a year and a half ago when I whipped up these bows using the Funky Loops pattern - and they weren't even hard to make - who knew!

Ever wish you knew who to make those big fabulous boutique-style bows - well, you can!  Birdsong Bows sells PDF patterns and some even come with access to videos - talk about easy!  And there's even a blog with a few Freebies, here: Birdsong Bows Blog.

A little background from Deanna of Birdsong Bows:
 I've got two daughters, daughters, 10 and 5, and started because I wanted to make my oldest daughter some bows to match her uniform when she went to kindergarten. Now my younger daughter will inherit her bows when she goes to kindergarten in the fall! I started teaching people how to make bows, and then developed the tutorials. I enjoy writing and photography along with crafting and sewing, so it's a "marriage" of skills that works for me. I started selling the tutorials in April 2010.

Check out the cuteness!!
How to make boutique korker hair bows DIY PDF tutorial

Beginner mini to large hair bow instructions with video access How To Make boutique bows PDF ebook

I know, I know - you want to win!! You can win any 5 e-books (no bundles; sorry!) of your choice from the shop, Thank you!!

How to enter the giveaway:

--check out the Birdsong Bows Shop and leave a comment on this post stating your favorite thing.

Good luck - giveaway ends Friday, Aug 3rd, around noon - -

I don't know about you, but I think I need to run out and buy some ribbon....

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July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Just had to give a quick birthday shout-out to Trevor, aka Mr. Sugar Bee....

I was thinking that blogland's gift to him could be a few more followers, so if you want to check out his blog and follow along, go for you - you won't be disappointed :)

Anyways, happy birthday babe!!  Finally as old as me :)  {You're awesomesauce}

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July 28, 2012

Pinterest - ORGANIZED!!

Well, since I organized my craft room, I thought I should keep the flow going with other areas of life.  But cleaning the house and closets isn't that appealing, so I turned my attention to my Pinterest Boards...

I only pin things I think I might actually make - there are TONS of cute crafts out there, but unless I think I'll make it, I won't pin it - for example, there's no reason for me to pin a car seat tent, even though they're super cute.  So I went through all my boards and re-evaluated and thought "will I make this?" and if I thought "no way!" then I deleted it.

Next up I went through and made sure each pin was on the right board - because sometimes I forget to change boards from one pin to another and things get stuck in the wrong spot.

And while I did that I noticed that some things I must really like - because I had them pinned more than once.  So I deleted all duplicates.

NOW - the ultimate question - what do you do with all the pins you've made??  Like you pin something so you can remember to make it, and then you make it - then what?  Do you delete it?  I didn't want to do that - I'm not sure why...  So I have a board called "ACCOMPLISHED THESE PINS - WAHOO!" and I move pins from their original board to that board when I finish them.  It's a morale booster because I have 73 things on that board - so I can tell myself that I really am doing something!!

Favorite Boards of Mine:
obviously, the one where I show off things - Projects by Me
Projects to Make
Projects to Sew
and then all my other boards are favorites too - these 3 just stick out above the rest.

So if you have a minute, organize your Pinterest Boards - it's liberating!

Do you need an invite to Pinterest?  Do they still even require that?  if so, I'll be happy to send you one.  Just email me, mandybeez at gmail.

And random, did you know there's a Man Version of Pinterest?? weird.

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DIY Team USA shirt

Yes - I just HAD to have a shirt to show off my Olympic Fever - - so here it is - a quick tutorial on how to make a DIY Team USA Shirt!
I know I don't normally post craft tutorials on Saturday, but hey, I just made this yesterday afternoon, so I couldn't post it before then.  I wore it to an Opening Ceremonies watch party - aka, eating pizza and popcorn at my parents' house.

Anyways, on to the tutorial - - first off, I grabbed the shirt on sale at Old Navy a few days ago for $3 - I am always on the look-out for cheap blank shirts - you never know when you'll need one.

Then I had this paint from Tulip on hand (we used it when we painted shirts) - it was perfect - glitter fabric paint.  In Red White and Blue.  The White was actually more of a clear with glitter.

So I cut out a design on my Silhouette Cameo, but you can use an exacto knife and hand-cut contact paper - that's what Kate did - I used her shirt for inspiration.

Then I painted over the design/stencil that I had stuck onto the shirt, like so:
I let the paint dry for maybe 30 minutes then painted a second coat.  Then I let it dry about an hour in the sun.  After that I carefully peeled off the vinyl stencil.  The lines from the glitter paper were really crisp and perfect - love that!

Then I put it on for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies - nothing like last minute!
So, if you want a fun Saturday activity today while you watch the Olympics, make yourself a Team USA shirt - you can do it!!

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July 27, 2012

Find Me - and an AMAZING deal

I'm hanging out somewhere else in blog land today....
Boys own style

And FYI, starting today there's an amazing sale at Paper Coterie - - you can get a $100 gift card for $30 - REALLY!!

 So you know what I'm thinking - buy yourself a gift card today, pay $30, then come Christmas Card time, you will have $100 to spend on cards and stuff (photo books, prints, you name it - they have amazing products).  You can't beat that!!  I WILL be taking this deal myself.  I will probably buy several cards.

Christmas in July

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Camera Strap (NOT a cover)

I am in love with my new camera strap!!  I want to show you some of the details...
I have a confession - - I won a camera strap cover a couple of years ago on a blog giveaway - it looked cute and I was so excited - but when I got it, I just didn't love it.  It's a cover and so it's not really well fitted, and it's pretty bulky - too thick, etc.  I'm sure lots of people would love it, but it just isn't for me.  But I've just put up with it until now.

and random update, if you want to know Trevor's thoughts on this project, go HERE.

I saw the amazing camera strap series over at Sewing In No Man's Land and was inspired - I've made camera strap covers, but it never even crossed my mind to make the whole strap (NOT a cover) - I LOVED that idea!  Here's the ones Kelly made:

So, head over there for the tutorial.  It's really not hard!

For mine, I bought 1/8 yard of the vinyl - I really wanted turquoise like her but my store didn't have it - they did have lemon yellow and hot pink, but I wasn't sold on those, so I went with boring black.  So I bought black straping, but I love her white as well.  For the strap part I bought home decor fabric because I figure it was thicker and would hold up better.  In the trims section, I found this awesome gauzy flower trim stuff that I knew I had to have.

The flower trim was a little wide, so I made my strap wider to accommodate the trim.  For the vinyl end pieces, I just traced my old camera strap.  They were a smaller width than my new strap, so I angled the strap down at the end to fit - like so:

I sewed the strap together with several rows of top stitching for interest.  There's only one layer of batting in the middle - so it's soft but not out-of-control puffy.  If there's one thing I've learned from craft bloggers (namely AGAAGG), it's that I can use my glue gun for anything!  I was afraid that if I sewed the trim on, the stitching would show and look bad.  So I just hot glued it on - it's holding great and you can't even tell:
After I sewed it all together. you could see the white edges of the black vinyl (it's white wherever you cut it) so I just took a sharpie marker and colored in the edge so it'd look more leather-ish - here it's half colored and half not, so you can see the difference:

I did have to use the little plastic pieces from my original camera strap to attach my new strap.

I am IN LOVE with my new strap!!!  My favorite part is how un-bulky it is, but still retaining it's cuteness.

 So, ever made a camera strap?? Not a cover, but an actual strap??  Give it a try!!


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July 26, 2012

Neon Twisted Head Wrap

I have a super fun, super quick refashion project for ya today...a Neon Twisted Headwrap
Yep, you read that right.  As seen in my What I Wore Wednesday post, I'm trying to embrace a little neon, even after saying I wouldn't! (same thing happened with skinny jeans...)  I think the best way to try out neon is in bits.

And it's summer.  Which means I'm not doing my hair - and it's crazy when it's not flattened.  But why would I flatten it if I'm just going swimming.  So I don't.  All summer.  So it gets pulled up in a makeshift ponytail, a lot!  I thought a fun way to add a hint of style and a hint of neon would be a headwrap - and I love it!

So, cut up an old tshirt.

Then, grab some fabric spray paint.  I used this that was sent to me from - I love the super bright colors!!
Then I took my two strips of fabric and scrunched them up - the top one is pre-scrunch and bottom one is how it needs to be:
When they were scrunched I sprayed them - it was pretty easy to use - mine had a few drips, but I kind of liked that effect so I added more.  Then I straightened them back out flat.  Their should be areas without paint.  Mine were pretty bright white, so I gave it another quick light coat of neon green.  This whole process took about a minute or two - it was really fast.

Then I assembled it using my DIY Twisted Headband Tutorial - it's really simple!

And that was it!!  Here I am showing it off with my neon green lace cami peeking out - a fun but casual way to wear neon:

My kids are taking my pictures - here's my "are you getting the headband in the picture" face:

But she did - - here's a pretty good view:
 I found the key to wearing a head wrap is to have it pretty high on your head - like forward on your forehead almost.  And when you make it, take that into account - I actually made this one a little too small so it started to slip.  Since it's so wide of a headband, I also found it helpful to cover my ears a little - but then again, I know I have big ears....speaking of, maybe this craft is a throwback to the "styles" of my childhood:

And speaking of childhood, this picture is pretty funny - I didn't even know they took it until I downloaded the pictures from my camera and it popped up on the computer - too funny:

Anyways, back on track....whip yourself up a Twisted Head Wrap - you can do it!  and to make it extra fun, make it NEON!!

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(I was provided the spray fabric paint from free of charge, but the opinions are all mine)