January 14, 2013

BubbleGum Backdrops Review - and Discount!

Have you heard of Bubblegum Backdrops??  They're awesome!  I can't get enough of the All-in-One Chevron Background that they send me to review - you've probably noticed that I keep using and using it...

The most awesome part is that it's NOT JUST a backdrop - it's a floordrop as well - hence the name "all in one" - -see, it's the wall, baseboard, and floor - -genius!
I have used it for getting great looking blog photos, along with family pictures for others - - isn't this great:

On a windy day, I had Trevor hold it up (I'm sure he loved that - the how-long-til-your-arms-get-tired game), but other times I clipped it to some CD racks I had in the garage.  You can get a stand from Bubblegum Backdrops which would make things way easier.
I also use it just laying flat - - simple and still gives an amazing backdrop - much better than the carpet of my living room:

There are TONS of options to choose from - - here are a few of my favorites:

Teal Grunge - Colored Wood  

Grunge Alley Brick with Wood

Rose Smoke and Painted White

And if you're wondering what certain backdrops will look like in photos, be sure to check out their Customer Appreciation Section - so fun to browse that!

Backdrops are what make your photos amazing - what takes them to the next level.  If you're ready for awesome photos, be sure to check out Bubblegum Backdrops!

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How cool is that!?! It's like an extra really neat wall in your house!

Thanks for the great review! Love the photos!

20% all Sugar Bee readers with coupon voucher code "SUGARBEE" (expires 2/7/13)

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