January 12, 2013

Deal Alert!! Silhouette Site 40% off....

Start your Saturday off right with an amazing deal alert - supplies from Silhouette for 40% off - it's true!!  And if you have another cutting machine or just want to hand-cut simple designs, this is for you (vinyl, heat-transfer vinyl, and tattoo transfer and things that come to mind for that situation).

Shop at Silhouette and use the code "SUGARBEE" to get that 40% off discount!

So machines aren't included in the sale, but lots of things are - here's what I would recommend:

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl - - it's my favorite - there's just something about making custom tshirts that is super awesome.
  • Sketch Pens - I've seen amazing things with these so I bought myself some months and months ago the last time they were 40% off - I haven't used them yet, but I am still super excited about them.  Maybe I'll crank something out this weekend....
  • Large Mat (12x24) - - I like using a mat when I cut vinyl, and this is great for the vinyl that comes on a roll - I bought mine and I know 40% off is a great deal.
  • Fabric Blade - - if you plan on cutting fabric, you'll want a separate blade.  It's the same as the regular blade, but you won't dull it with paper cutting (think, sewing scissors are for fabric only)
  • Ink Kit - - I might pick this up - I think it's the only kit I don't have, and at 40% it's a deal!
  • Vinyl - of course.  You'll want rolls and rolls of vinyl so you're ready for any projects that come up. 
There's lots more in the shop, so look around and grab what's best for you.

Stock up!  I think they only do this sale once or twice a year, so jump on it while you can!

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6 Fabulous Comments:

When does the promo code go into affect? It didn't seem to be working when I just tried to use it. It said "invalid promo code"

Sorry Caitlin and Kara - - I just emailed them to see about fixing the problem - - I'll keep you posted!

I guess this promo is not going to work??

Hey Kara - -I have an email in to them but haven't heard back yet - I'm thinking because it's the weekend. The is supposed to run through Thursday, so I'll let you know as soon as they get the code on - -thanks!

UPDATE -- the code is working now!

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