DIY Oatmeal Packets

I LOVE oatmeal…mmmm.  But I know the prepackaged packets (you know, strawberry, peach, etc that are all really just apples dyed to match the fruit color they claim to be) aren’t that great for you and are loaded with sugar, etc.  So I tackled making my own:

You’ll need quick oats, creamer, dried fruit, and  baggies and a food processor or blender:

First up you’re going to take some of your oats and cut them up in your food processor or blender – this is what will give you the consistency of the store-bought packets.  So on the left is regular and on the right is after I put some in my food processor:

I saw several different recipes and versions on Pinterest, and combined them into what worked for me.  When eating the store bought oatmeal, I use 2 packets, so I made my homemade version a generous helping.

Each baggie includes:

1/2 cup quick oats
1/8 cup blended quick oats (from the food processor)
1 tbsp creamer (because the store kind I like is “strawberries and cream” or “peaches and cream”)
1-2 tbsp dried fruit – I had strawberry, peach, and coconut pineapple

So, verdict – – it’s alright.  It mixes up just like the store packets – same consistency, etc.  Looks perfect.  But when I eat it, I know it’s missing the loads of sugar.  It’s good and all, just doesn’t have the exact same taste.  I think it’d be better with more fruit, but that dried fruit was pricey and I was stingy.

Have you ever tried making your own Oatmeal Packets before?

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    I never thought of making my own packets. When I want oatmeal I usually use the 1 minute cooking oats and add fresh fruits. But if I am late I could zap up a packet while dressing and won’t have to hover over the stove so it doesn’t boil over!

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    I think this is a great idea! It is so much better than the sugared store bought!! I didn’t think to grind any. We fly a lot, so I keep the oats in a separate baggie, fruit in another. When we are running between flights and don’t have time to get something, I just ask for hot water and a cup during the flight …. no more hunger or cravings!!

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    A couple of healthier suggestions — use powdered milk instead of creamer (which contains some strange things — try reading the contents information!), which will up the calcium, consider adding more fruit, maybe top the final product with some maple syrup, which is a source of iron. You can also get dried vanilla if you want that flavor — King Arthur Flour Co. carries it; probably Williams Sonoma too. If you can pack in a large container, then stir and measure accordingly, you will keep those plastic baggies out of the landfill.

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    I love this idea. Maybe if it is something you really liked you could get a dehydrator (or have Trevor do it the Alton Brown way with a box fan and air filters (seems like Trevor’s style) laying the fruit on the air filter and then using rubber tie ons to attach the filter to the box fan.

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    HI, I have recently started doing this as well. My coffee grinder that cleans easily, grinds the oatmeal like a charm when I only need small quantities. I found a pinch of salt makes it tastes just right. I usually leave out salt in my cooking but this made a huge difference with just a little bit.

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