January 18, 2013

Google+ Update

Hey everyone -- remember when I posted about the Google+ Button (that none of us used to know about, but then I realized it's just a button to "like" a post) - - well, you must read my posts and take action, because look at this.... here's my dashboard screen shot right the posts after that post:

Kind of small, but see all the "+1"s to the right of my name....

 Now look at all the posts right before I told you about the button - - almost nothing, and ones that have a g+ might be from me...

You readers are awesome, putting that Google + Button into action!

And along the lines of google, did you know that google uses G+ and other factors and lists search results relevant to your friends first.... so how about this - a friend said she Googled "happy" and this was the screen shot of her image results - see Trevor and I, number one result for HAPPY - awesome:
Have a Happy Weekend!!

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That's awesome!! :) Happy weekend to you too!

Thanks for filling us all in! I had no idea what it was for before I read your post!

Looks like happiness to me! Sweet!

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