January 19, 2013

Hillbilly Sledding

I haven't given you a peek into the non-crafty side of life lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to show you what we did on New Year's Day - what we like to call Hillbilly sledding:

You know, where an ATV pulls some riders on a tube over some barely-snowcovered hard frozen ground.  And the guys occasionally run over the tow rope:

And the kids LOVE it!

We've done this in various ways in year's past...
because it doesn't get much classier than riding on an abandoned hood being pulled behind a 4 wheeler:
And when that got too cold and my dad took pity on the grandkids, he fashioned up a box for wind protection, complete with flame paint job - -

How about you?  Have you been "sledding" this year??

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We barely get snow here in NC and when we do it mostly melts the same day. But I was raised in snowy PA and remember grandfather pulling me around the yard on the vintage wooden toboggan (which in NC is a ski hat?!) with his tractor. Mom dad and I would pile ontop of each other on the sled and go down the hill. They were good times.

Looks like you had lots of fun and enjoyed your snowday. Love the box someone is talented.

Here in south Texas, we get boxes that are strong enough that will slide down a hill without any snow at all.

We do that too! Pile on as many kids as you can get and the dogs run behind! I miss those days!

Looks like everybody had a blast! Love the box, very creative. Yes we have been known to do this,but never thought of the box.Do you play pond hockey too! Great pics thanks for sharing.

LOL all righty then. looks like fun!

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