January 10, 2013

How to Pierce Doll's Ears for Earrings

Doll Earrings! And ear piercing, the DIY version...

This is for all those girls in your life who got a new doll for Christmas - or who already had one.  My daughter got a real American Girl Doll from Santa this year - she has a few Our Generation 18 inch dolls from Target as well.

Anyways, have you ever looked into getting their ear's pierced - kinda pricey.  Did you can know you can Do It Yourself - and it's easy!

We actually did this a couple of months ago (you might have caught the post on FB) but I wanted to save the blog post for the new year for anyone who had new dolls.

This is based on the American Girl Doll Earrings - note that they have significantly thicker posts than regular earrings.  So you'll need those earrings, and a 5/64" drill bit, and a drill:

Just decided where the hole needs to, then start drilling slowly:
The girls wanted to be right beside their dolls for support:

 It will end up looking like this:

Then you have to push and wiggle the stud in - you can keep it as just a stud or add the dangle piece for extra fun:

And, the final reveal:

 That's it!!  Super easy DIY.  Trevor blogged about his view of this project over at So I Married a Craft Blogger if you want to read more about it.

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8 Fabulous Comments:

I recently took my daughter to the American girl store and she wanted to have the piercing done but I just couldn't spend the money they wanted! Thank you!!

The surgery looks scary!! but I would have done it myself too. Is there some reason why they can't use regular small earrings. And I'm wondering if a blazing-hot needle would work as well for making the hole.

I have to say, the first two pictures of Trevor holding her down with a drill at the side of her head are a little disturbing. LOL! I guess that's just my twisted sense of humor though. :-)

Haha...drilling holes in a doll is totally every young boy {who has sisters} dream.

Great idea to save the $ and figure out to do this at home.

How thrifty of you guys!!! Bet that was a little nerve wracking for the girls though... Dad doing the ear piercing?!? hahaha

Love that they wanted to stay by their doll's side during "surgery". What a neat idea!

I will not let my daughter see this...yet! She'll be begging for it.

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