I am….of infinite worth

As everyone is thinking of goals for the New Year, and how they want to shape who they are, I just thought I’d share this video and women and who they are – – above everything else, I am a daughter of God, and know I am of infinite worth:

If you are wanting to know more about my beliefs, you can check out this post:
What I Believe and Why So Many of your Favorite Bloggers are Mormon.

(if you are LDS and would love to be involved in sharing your beliefs via your blog as part of that group, shoot me an email, mandybeez at gmail)

If you want to  read other spiritual goals for this year (including some free printables), check out my blogging friends on their blogs – we plan to share thoughts on a shared theme the first Sunday of every month:
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A couple of other quotes I thought were great as I reflected on the New Year..

“Nowhere can anyone find a quieter, more untroubled retreat, than in his or her own soul.  We need to turn some things down and turn some things off.  We need to be quiet.” – Jeffrey R. Holland (I can’t find the original source of the printable – if you know it, please let me know!)

"Nowhere can anyone find a quieter, more untroubled retreat than in his or her own soul. We need to turn some things down and turn some things off. We need to be quiet." - from Jeffrey R. Holland's new book "For Times of Trouble"

“The best evidence of Gratitude at this time is to do all we can to bring happiness into this sad world, for we are all our Father’s children, and we are all under the obligations of making this world a happier place four our having lived in it.” – George Albert Smith (again, I can’t find the original post of this printable….)


I love this one because I feel that it’s a part of why I blog - to bring a little happiness into the world in my own crafty way.   Looking forward to another amazing year – can’t wait to see what it will bring!

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