Over the holiday break, I was cranking out leggings like crazy.  I received the Go To Leggings from the Go To Patterns set and wowza, I’m hooked.    I was in need of a good legging pattern, and I found it.  I love the fit – there’s a higher rise in the back than in the front, etc, so you know it’s a good pattern.  Here’s an outfit I made for my Kindergartner, who lives in leggings:

I’ve used the go-to  Signature Dress pattern and loved it – – you can read that post HERE

What I love about these “Go To” Patterns is that really, they’re your go-to.  The base.  The thing that you can build on.  They come with lots of variation ideas and options, and then you can create as much as you can imagine.  For example, the legging pattern has shorts, capris, regular length, with an attached skirt, cut-outs, pockets, bow details, etc.  And they come in a huge size range – 12 months to 12 years – the pattern gets so much use because it covers that giant range! 
I used some thrifted tshirts for this whole outfit – – a black tshirt, a striped one, and a fuschia one – love being able to reuse things!  The black one wasn’t quite big enough to get the length I needed in the leggings, so I added the band of stripes at the bottom of the leg and LOVED that.  So then I added the striped pockets to compliment it.  And I just kept going – I used the bow from the pattern to embellish the sleeves and neckline.  It’s such a fun outfit!

If you don’t have a legging pattern that you love, I recommend giving this one a try!

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