It’s National Hobby Month — anyone have a hobby they want to kick-start?

I wanted to give you a heads up – – guess what I signed up for??  Cake Decorating Class!!  I’m taking it through Michael’s In-Store Classes and I can’t wait!  The heads up is because of this:

Yep, 50% off the class – – it ended up being around $22 – yes, for all 4 weeks total!  I signed up for Course 1: Decorating Basics – – wanted to start at the beginning.

I have my kit and a cute apron – what else do I need, right??  It’ll be every Saturday morning in February – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes….

Has anyone taken this class before?  Any tips or things I need to know?

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    I took the classes and loved them! They are so fun. You can really go crazy buying all the supplies in that blasted Wilton aisle. It really opens up the possibilities for birthday cakes, or just anytime you want to make something that looks cuter than the standard cake with frosting. Have fun!

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