January 5, 2013

ScentTrend 2013

Have you heard??  the new scent for 2013 is.........drumroll............Violet Leaf!

Here's mine! - - Gotta love Scentsy - -

I wish the computer were smell-o-vision so you could get a good whiff - - ah, so calming and clean and perfect.  A great description from Scentsy:

 ScenTrend 2013 is Violet Leaf. Violet Leaf exudes an organic, green fragrance with a subtle floral undertone. The earthy violet leaf note has a cut-grass feel with watery accents of melon and cucumber and is very different from the fragrance of a violet flower, which has a sweet, powdery scent.

Scentsy sent me a whole Relaxation Packet - it was like a Spa-In-A-Box, center around Violet Leaf and relaxing - - so awesome.  Cooling face mask, super soft slippers, and of course Violet Leaf scent bars.

Which will go great in my warmer - - see it, all light up and happy:

The great thing about ScenTrends is that they mix well with other scents - here's some ideas:

 What other Scentsy fragrances go well with Violet Leaf, and how should I mix them with Violet Leaf?
Green and herbaceous with subtle floral notes, Violet Leaf is perfect for creating a customized fragrance experience. Just add a cube or two of refreshing Violet Leaf to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and enjoy the way it blends beautifully to create a unique fragrance.  Look for  in the Scentsy Fragrance catalog for scents that are perfect for mixing with Violet Leaf. The fragrances include:
       Posy Peach
       Route 66
       Apple Press
       Rio Beach
       Lotus Cove
    My Home 

This is my new favorite scent - - really!  There's something about it that just calls to me - it's not too strong but it's still got a hint of flower and outdoor freshness, but not uber-floral.  I think it'll be my signature scent - I'll stock up so I can have it in my home for years to come.  I love it!
Be sure to check out Scenty for Violet Leaf awesomeness.

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