The LEGO® YouTube Chanel Saves the Day!

Some of you have recently asked about how much time blogging takes, etc – I plan to write a whole post on that.  But for now I want to touch on a part – – how to balance it with kiddos.  This is the first year I’ve only had one kiddo at home during the day – my other three are in school.  It’s weird to only have one hanging around.  Anyways, he’s not a napper.  But we still have “quiet time” after lunch and that’s when I’m able to hop on and do some computer work.  For his “quiet time”, he oftentimes watches video clips or plays on the computer beside me – it’s fun to have him right there.

For this reason, I am LOVING the LEGO® YouTube Channel – I know he can surf it and navigate it by himself and I know that it’s safe and fun content.  It’s a win-win. Check this info-graph out – – some things to note: new videos added each day, access your playlist anywhere (think of this for your phone when you are fabric shopping and need to entertain the kids!), only other LEGO® videos are recommended during playback (this solves a big problem).

So, for a fun Saturday afternoon activity, Trevor sat down with the two boys and created our LEGO® YouTube Playlist – – our toddler loves HeroFactory Mini-Movies while our oldest loves Lord of the Rings Mini-Movies – LEGO® has it all, for all types of kids.

And now it’s set up and ready on our own YouTube Channel, and my preschooler can pick videos off of it and have some “quiet time” watching a few videos while I sit next to him and work on blog stuff.  LEGO® YouTube Channel Saves the Day!

 You know how much we love LEGO®, right??  I talked about it before – our LEGO® Car – we are for sure a LEGO® household through and through – – here’s a glimpse into my oldest’s room – it’s busting with LEGO® – this is one drawer, and they’re all filled with that, and then he has shelves around the room filled with completed sets on display.  It’s crazy.  LEGO® crazy.

Anyways, back to LEGO® YouTube Channel — it’s crazy awesome also.

Want to know what’s on our LEGO® video playlist??  I’m sure it will be added to, but for now we have:

LEGO® Lord of the Rings™ Mini-movie – Part 1

LEGO® Lord of the Rings™ Mini-movie – Part 2

Hero Factory “Toxic Reapa” Mini-movie

Hero Factory “Surge” Mini-movie

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Yoda Chronicles

LEGO® Lord of the Rings™ Mini-movie – Part 2

LEGO® Lord of the Rings™ Mini-movie – Part 3

Be sure to set up a channel – – you’ll love that you did – and so will your kiddos!  It’s one of my tips for how to make time for blogging :)


  • The new LEGO® YouTube channel has over 500 videos with more videos being added daily – that makes for something for everyone (even my girls – they LOVE LEGO® Friends)
  • Custom playlists are an easy way to build something special just for you and your kiddos
  • Playlists are easily made from the Official LEGO® Channel and can be accessed anywhere you go by parents and children (in the car, at an airport, waiting in line, around the house, shopping for fabric, etc.)

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