January 31, 2013

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Part of the "How Has Blogging Changed Your Life Series" - - 

I’ve never really thought about the question “How has blogging changed my life?”. When Mandy invited me to this series it made me reflect on how different I am since this whole blogging adventure began.

In 2008 I decided to start a little blog just for me as a way to collect free tutorials…basically an online “to-do” list or my Pinterest back then! I was a “full-time” stay at home mother of 3 little ones and my husband was going to school fulltime. Since then we added another little girl to our family.

Blogging has changed my life tremendously in many ways, but the biggest change is that I HAD NO IDEA it would turn into a career.

ucreate - blogging

I really didn’t think I would face the decision again to stay at home full-time or work at home full-time…I decided to do both. I’ve put tons of effort into Ucreate for the past two years and it’s become a part of me. The kids are in school, so that’s nice, and I love how I can choose my own hours, but I’m not going to sugarcoat…it can be tough! The extra income has been great and we’ve been able to do more things such as: sports, vacations, home updates, etc., however, the income is not the biggest reward for me.

Meeting creative women all over the world, diving into this creative industry, and pursuing my passion is why I keep on blogging!
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Hooded Teady Bear Towel by Crazy Little Projects. Perfect baby gift!

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Congratulations! I wish I could find my calling to working from home.

What a fun series Mandy...thanks for having me!

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