What’s In My Handbag?

Did you see me on the SNAP Conference blog last month showing off what was in my handbag??  If not, here’s a recap…

 Just in case you think everyone has super pristine handbags, mine looks like this on any given day:

So for you, I cleaned out those old Black Friday ads and discarded receipts, and made myself presentable.  I have a Kaboo Bag which I love because I can safely carry my tablet – I surprised myself because I went neutral with this and normally I’m a Bright Colors, Bold Patterns type of person.

Anyways, on to the goodies – what’s inside….

These 3 items are perfectly contained so that when I switch bags (to a camera bag, or a bag I take to church) I can just grab them – it makes switching super easy and doable.

1. Wallet – I LOVE a flat wallet – something about how it snaps closed is just perfect.
2. Zipper Pouch – I made this to match my old Miss Mandy Bag – it holds necessities like bandaids and tissues and neosporin and personal items, etc.
3. Ticker Tape Clutch – I made this so I have a grab-n-go clutch to use when I hop out at random garage sales – it’s filled with coins and small bills for those must-have deals

And here’s the rest of the random stuff I have hanging around in the little pockets:

4.  Business Cards – some for my blog and some for Paparazzi Accessories that I sell – it’s so easy to hand these out to people, so they’re a must to carry with me.
5.  Sunglasses – I have 5-6 pair of sunglasses because I’m always loosing them then buying more then finding the lost ones.  These ones are aviators from Charlotte Russe (I only spend $5 on sunglasses because of the problem I just mentioned)
6. Galaxy Tablet – I love this thing!  It’s the perfect size for a tablet – I’ve had it about a year and a half and it’s awesome.
7. Random- pens, Avon LipGloss, Neutrogena Sunblock (this is AMAZING!  it doesn’t leave your hands greasy at all).
8. Granola Bar – just in case I’m going to starve to death while I’m out and about.  Even though it’s Walmart brand, these are the BEST granola bars ever – Great Value Sweet and Salty Almond – thank me later.
9.  Galazy S III – – so, I love my phone!  I JUST got a smart phone for the first time a couple of months ago – mainly because I couldn’t stand not joining the Instagram fun.  Best decision ever – it’s a whole new world! The phone store guy handed over my purchase and told me “welcome to 2012″.  I have arrived.
10.  Kid Stuff – what more do you need than germ gel and suckers?!

Hope to see you over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com!

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    Hi Mandy! Just found your crafty blog through a comment you left on vixenMade! I’m your newest GFC follower :)) Would love for you stop stop by and say hi!


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    I love seeing what other people carry in their purses. I fully believe you can get to know a person by what music they listen to, what they carry in their purse and what they pin on Pinterest.

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