WIWW – color pop

I have some random What I Wore Wednesday outfits for you…

Awesome facial expression on this one…anyways, do you have trouser jeans?  I feel like there’s just something about them that is so classy.  I got these awhile back at a garage sale and am so glad I splurged the $4 for them.  The cardigan is fun with that ruffle down the front, and I added a pop of color with yellow accents.

When I first started the whole What I Wore Wednesday craze, I snagged a bunch of blazers thinking they’d add some depth and layering options to my wardrobe.  Well I don’t really wear them alot because I’m not sure I’m a blazer type of person…but I tried it on this day – – green blazer, white sweater, pop of coral in the undershirt…

And I guess sticking with the color pop theme, here’s an outfit I wore over the holidays with a pop of red – in the necklace and the socks peeking out of the boots.  I definitely think I’m more of a cardigan wearer versus the blazer – I felt much more at home in this outfit:

So – – let’s hear your thoughts on Blazers – do you like them, do you wear them??  How about trouser jeans??

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    I love the outfits! I too went through the blazer craze… I thought they would give me more options and I could pair more things with them… but I discovered I am more of a cardigan type person. BTW I love yours! And the trouser jeans are so cute… they are just what my wardrobe is lacking and I didn’t even know it until now! ;) I must get a pair!! LOL Have a great day Mandy!



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    Blazers… I have a love/hate relationship with them. I’ve decided that on a lot of people, they look really good. But I never feel comfortable in them. So I’ve decided to enjoy them “from a distance.” I admire when someone has a pretty one on, but I’ll probably always pass on buying or wearing another one. I’m like you – that last outfit is so my style. I feel best when I’m dressed like that. And it’s seriously, seriously cute. It’s my absolute favorite out of the three you’re wearing.

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    Definately depends on the blazer since the syle says it all! I was actually thrift shopping today and wondering the same thing about myself. I’m such a light sweater wearer instead. But I do have a couple of blazers I like and I feel comfortable in. I should share them on my WIWW since I haven’t done it in so long! Thanks for sharing. LOVE your last outfit the best!

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