January 9, 2013

WIWW - from the beginning

Who remembers when I started doing What I Wore Wednesday?? (it's been over 2 years - that's crazy!) - and I started it out with this outfit (also crazy), which was quite controversial:

Everyone jumped right in and shared their opinions right away.  You can see it all on THIS POST, but one of the most memorable was:  "as for the outfit I say burn it ASAP" --See, my readers are awesome, just telling it like it is...

Anyways, for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.  So I thought it was appropriate to bring it back, one year later -
The reviews were mixed that time around - read comments HERE.  Some people were begging for me to get out the match for the burn party (including my mom!) and others liked the revamped version.  The best comment was from my aunt who said:

"Don't burn it! I can't wait until you do something new next year!"

And I thought, she's right!  I need to come up with a new way to wear this controversial dress at the beginning of each year.  So when I clean out out my closet, it always made the cut, just so I could do another post in Jan 2013 about it.  And here we are!
I mixed it up by wearing it as a top (sorry for the weird side-glance, but it was the only clear picture).  I ended up wearing a mustard-colored skinny belt with the outfit, but by the time I came down to retake a picture, it was already dark outside.  

So, thoughts on wearing it as a top??  I thought it was a little bulky around my hips since I was tucking it in to pants, and the tie was in kind of a weird spot, but I just went with it.  I wore heeled boots with it.  It was a dressier look and I wore it out to a group dinner date on the Plaza:
Random pic from my phone that make me look wrongly proportioned (huge head anyone?)

So let's hear it - - thoughts this time around??  Ideas for what I should do next?

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21 Fabulous Comments:

Well, of all the choices you've given with the "dress", I say I like it as a shirt the best!

I'd say the second style with the denim jacket was the best so far. However, if it was mine, I think I would try to dye it dark grey or black to tone down the colors. Just my personal opinion.

I like it as a shirt...and we were sad to miss out on the group date (and the New Year's party as well)

Mix 2 and 3. Wear it as a top with a shirt over it to tone down the craziness. You could just cut off the bottom and hem it too to make it a permanent top :) much better look for it.

Ooh - I really like it as a shirt, actually. You're right that the tie is in kind of a weird spot, but maybe you could remove it? Following along now! :)

lace, etc.

I like it as a top the best. Maybe if it is lumpy just cut the bottom off and hem and make it a top permanently?

SO much better as a top! In fact, I'd try shortening it and make it a top permanently. I'm not a fan of it as a dress, but the top is do-able.

This is too much fun! I must follow you now that you have a "thing" going with that dress! :)

I say bring out the scissors! as a dress and with your hair down, this dress gives a very "Raggedy Ann" vibe, that is just not flattering. But, as a blouse and with your hair up - much more funky chic! I think it was also improved by not having a shirt under it... the layering look made it feel aprony - which added to the Ragged Ann thing.

Love it as a top, love it as a dress in outfit #2 as well! You keep that thing!!

It's best as a shirt because there is less there. Maybe next year it will be a scarf (and be even better!)

I like it best as a top. Perhaps you can shorten it permanently? However, I like the idea of an annual re-mix too. :)

Your mom's comment cracks me up! Better as a scarf!?! Haha! I think I like outfit two the best. As a top there's just too much skirt, it looks way too bulky!

if it didn't have that akward tie I think it would be awesome as a top, as it is.... I agree it would be better as a scarf! LOL.

I think you should cut it and make it into a shirt I thought it made a darling shirt also cut the ties off.

oh my gosh this is hysterical. I was not a fan of it as a dress but I think it looks super cute as a top.

I don't really care for it as a dress at all. BUt, with your jeans, it is awesome!

Best as a top. The comments are fun to read for this post. :o)

Yep! Cut it off & make it a top!! Love it!

I personally like it as a top with those jeans! Very cute!

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