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Hello What I Wore Wednesday – a favorite on the blog of many of you…

I love new things – – I got this top a while ago from The Chic Orchard but I don’t think I’ve shown it on a WIWW, so here it is – love it!  It’s a little outside my box, so I’m glad I went for it. The boot socks are from there as well.  It’s a pretty color-neutral outfit, so I though the pop of turquoise with the necklace was just what it needed…

 Also a while ago, I grabbed this heart tank from H&M – it’s a great layering piece and just has that slight whimsy that lots of outfits need.  I think it was perfect with this butter yellow cardigan (Target last year) and gray jeans (I think they were GAP clearance last year, maybe $8 or so)

I also thought it played well with this sequin cardigan.  The cardigan is a more loose-fit than I’m used to, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it – I ended up buttoning a couple of buttons to add a little shape.  I’m not really sure what’s going on with my socks – I think I put them on thinking I’d wear high boots and then just threw on my sweater gray boots and forgot about the socks.  Yes, I wore them like that in public – oh well!

Thoughts on today’s outfits??

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