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It’s opinion time – – I have a Red Chevron Skirt I made (using a red stripe fabric – and then sewing it slanted to make the chevron) but I’m never sure how to “style” it.  Here’s how I wore it this Sunday – with a denim shirt (after seeing a denim shirt and chevron skirt combo on a style blog) – -

I thought it was pretty good – – here’s some other ways I’ve worn it in the past….
The first go-around – with bright turquoise and a cardigan:
Then the gray version – – I just wasn’t sold on the tights with open toes though…
Then I went all patriotic and wore it for the 4th of July with a navy blue:
So, let’s see them all side by side….
Thoughts??  Obviously I lean towards my one-and-only red pair of shoes – should I mix that up?  Other color suggestions or ways I can wear it?  Have a favorite from above?  Notice I’m growing my hair out?…..
And random, also this Sunday, I put makeup on my eyebrows for the first time ever – I think I like it! (just ignore the crows feet….)  it’s all because I saw this “brow zing” thing in an instagram picture and one thing led to another and after some youtube videos I knew I needed to try it (and ordered it cheaper on ebay).
See, I really use products that people post about.  This from Instagram, gel eyeliner and my topstyler clamps via reader comments on facebook, my curling wand because I read it on a blog – I could go on and on.  I’m very easily influenced.  
And back to that point, let’s here those thoughts/ideas on the red chevron skirt outfits.

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  1. says

    Such a pretty skirt!
    I like how you styled it in the second photo down best.
    The classic in me might do a black turtleneck, black tights and shoes with lots of gold jewelry. A million options.

  2. says

    ACtually I think they all look great! But I especially like the turquoise with white cardigan. My least favorite is probably the navy blue short sleeved shirt, but it still looks good. I wish I had that good of a figure because my clothes would all probably look better if I were in better shape. :)

  3. says

    The turquoise and the fourth of July looks are my favorite…for winter you could pair it with a black turle neck, black tights and maybe a wide red patent leather belt…either way the skirt is really cute!

  4. says

    I really like both the pictures where the belt is part way down on the skirt – looks very becoming and it breaks up the pattern a bit so it’s more eye-catching. Cute, cute skirt though and I also like the curly hair and am way impressed that you’ve been able to keep bangs!

  5. says

    I like the turquoise T the best, the two colors pop, the 4th of July look is cute too. I don’t care for the gray tights but the top is cute. I think you should try it with white shoes and shirt and a red scarf or neclace and let the skirt be the star, which is super cute by the way.

  6. says

    I think I like the white cardigan outfit the best. I would try another color of shoe though… The red look nice enough, but it’s a whole lot of red heavy on the bottom half. Your hair is looking really great long too, FYI! ;)

  7. says

    I think the skirt speaks for itself.. but I love the 4th of July look and the light blue top looked nice too.. again though red white and blue. I am born on the 4th of July so I tend toward 4th of July stuff all the time.

    As your new look is going… I think you are very becoming… I love that last photo where you are smiling so big and love your brows! You are rocking it! Kathi

  8. says

    I think the 4th of July and turquoise are my favorites. Turquoise comes out on top for me.. though honestly I would shorten the shirt a bit. Maybe 4 inches or so. Try folding it up, tacking and see what you think.

    Your brows look great and you are a simply lovely woman. You have a radiant smile.

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