January 30, 2013

WIWW - red chevron

It's opinion time - - I have a Red Chevron Skirt I made (using a red stripe fabric - and then sewing it slanted to make the chevron) but I'm never sure how to "style" it.  Here's how I wore it this Sunday - with a denim shirt (after seeing a denim shirt and chevron skirt combo on a style blog) - -
I thought it was pretty good - - here's some other ways I've worn it in the past....
The first go-around - with bright turquoise and a cardigan:
Then the gray version - - I just wasn't sold on the tights with open toes though...
Then I went all patriotic and wore it for the 4th of July with a navy blue:

So, let's see them all side by side....
Thoughts??  Obviously I lean towards my one-and-only red pair of shoes - should I mix that up?  Other color suggestions or ways I can wear it?  Have a favorite from above?  Notice I'm growing my hair out?.....

And random, also this Sunday, I put makeup on my eyebrows for the first time ever - I think I like it! (just ignore the crows feet....)  it's all because I saw this "brow zing" thing in an instagram picture and one thing led to another and after some youtube videos I knew I needed to try it (and ordered it cheaper on ebay).
See, I really use products that people post about.  This from Instagram, gel eyeliner and my topstyler clamps via reader comments on facebook, my curling wand because I read it on a blog - I could go on and on.  I'm very easily influenced.  

And back to that point, let's here those thoughts/ideas on the red chevron skirt outfits.

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26 Fabulous Comments:

I'd definitely stick with the Fourth of July look. Really like the look of your locks in the last photo especially. :-)

Such a pretty skirt!
I like how you styled it in the second photo down best.
The classic in me might do a black turtleneck, black tights and shoes with lots of gold jewelry. A million options.

Great outfits! I love how you were able to re work the skirt so many ways!

I think the denim one looks the best. Love the skirt though.

ACtually I think they all look great! But I especially like the turquoise with white cardigan. My least favorite is probably the navy blue short sleeved shirt, but it still looks good. I wish I had that good of a figure because my clothes would all probably look better if I were in better shape. :)

It looks great with the denim! I like it with the gray too, but not with those tights. Love your curly wand hair style, looking good!! :)

I like the combination with the turquoise and the white cardigan and also the navy blue one.

I love the turquoise...it gives an interesting pop of color, esp. with the necklace layered over it!

I like the 4 of July and the turquoise, great skirt and lovely looking lady.Have a great day!

The turquoise and the fourth of July looks are my favorite...for winter you could pair it with a black turle neck, black tights and maybe a wide red patent leather belt...either way the skirt is really cute!

Love that skirt and the many ways you dressed it up and down.

I do love that skirt! I love it best with the turquoise and the navy shirts. Bet this would look great with a red sweater added, too.

Beautiful skirt, love how you paired it with blue top!!!!

My favorite is with the denim!

My favorite is with the denim!

this is amazing Mandy! You look gorgeous, and I love this skirt!!!

Love that skirt and how versatile it is. I definitely agree on skipping the tights with the open toed shoes.
I think my favorites are the turquoise top and navy top combinations.

i love them all...that skirt is my favorite!

I really like both the pictures where the belt is part way down on the skirt - looks very becoming and it breaks up the pattern a bit so it's more eye-catching. Cute, cute skirt though and I also like the curly hair and am way impressed that you've been able to keep bangs!

I like the turquoise T the best, the two colors pop, the 4th of July look is cute too. I don't care for the gray tights but the top is cute. I think you should try it with white shoes and shirt and a red scarf or neclace and let the skirt be the star, which is super cute by the way.

Love the skirt! I really like it paired with the denim shirt for contrast but you could dress it up or down! :)

I think I like the white cardigan outfit the best. I would try another color of shoe though... The red look nice enough, but it's a whole lot of red heavy on the bottom half. Your hair is looking really great long too, FYI! ;)

Beautiful skirt, I'd love to have that in my closet and I think you've styled it perfectly!

I think the skirt speaks for itself.. but I love the 4th of July look and the light blue top looked nice too.. again though red white and blue. I am born on the 4th of July so I tend toward 4th of July stuff all the time.

As your new look is going... I think you are very becoming... I love that last photo where you are smiling so big and love your brows! You are rocking it! Kathi

I think the 4th of July and turquoise are my favorites. Turquoise comes out on top for me.. though honestly I would shorten the shirt a bit. Maybe 4 inches or so. Try folding it up, tacking and see what you think.

Your brows look great and you are a simply lovely woman. You have a radiant smile.

That skirt is gorgeous! I love it paired with the chambray shirt. It would probably look cute dressed up with a blazer too!

Stopping by from WIWW!


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