February 11, 2013

Book Character Day

Heads up - that awesome pattern deal ends today - grab it!  I still can't believe how much you get for such a low price!!  I have plans to sew dolls, pjs, maybe the suitcase, tshirts, and go from there...

I just have to boast that I think I won some sort of awesome mom award with my recent knit sewing skills.  I've been loving knit and the Go-To Legging Pattern (I rave about it HERE).  Well, my second grader came home and informed me that the next day was Dress Like a Book Character Day - what?!  I need advanced notice for these type of things!

Then I recalled the shirt I own...and how it matches a certain doll that happens to have a book which technically makes her a "book character"...
McKenna American Girl Doll 2012

The only problem - she's wearing teal leggings.  Well, awesome mom me was all, no problem, we'll just make some - isn't that funny - like what kind of world am I in that I can just whip up a pair of leggings on a whim?!  I love it, and I love that they are so easy, and that I happen to have teal knit fabric in my stash.

Turned out great! I made her full leggings instead of capris like McKenna because it's cold out.  She was worried about her shoes - they're not a perfect match, but we could only do so much :)
And since we're on the topic of Book Character Day, I'm sure you're wondering what the other kids went as - - Kindergartners dress up as an Animated Literacy character, so she chose Mimi Mermaid, reusing a halloween costume (found at a garage sale - it's a dance outfit I think) from a few years ago:
 I thought a french braid across the head and swirled into a bun was appropriate and it turned out cute:

And my 4th Grader claimed that he had written a book about himself, so he was just going as himself.  Classic 4th grade boy thinking.  I don't have a picture of him today - but here's a random one of him and Trevor fixing our Wii (the problem turned out to be a battleship game piece shoved into it - no wonder it wouldn't accept a disc!)

Do your kiddos dress up for school dress-up days??

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My 4th grade boy would say the same thing! That is hysterical.

How fun?! I would have been in total panic mode if I had to come up with a character outfit by the next day!

That's the perfect world to live in!!! The kind where you can just whip up a costume on a whim and have all the materials at your fingertips! :)

Best character outfits ever. Emmy's is perfect and Abby's suits her too! :) Thanks for linking up!


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