February 7, 2013

Conversation Heart Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Conversation Hearts are super cute and perfect for crafting.  I knew I could turn them into some accessories. ..cute ones at that!

The whole mix-and-match thing is all the rage right now with the pre-tween crowd - - how you don't wear socks that match, etc.  So I thought mix and match earrings was perfect - and I was right - my girls LOVE them.

These are incredibly easy to make - - I thought I would need to get bails and jump rings and earring hooks, and that sounded a little complicated, but then I found these awesome earring hooks MADE for gluing things on - how easy is that?!  You'll need them (I bought mine from Candytiles HERE and you can get a 10% discount with the code "sugarbeez10") and superglue and candy hearts pre-coated in mod podge:

And here's the mod podge part - I brushed on one side then let it dry then did the other side:
Then put super glue on the disk part, like so:

And place it on the back of the heart, like so (the one with the bail is for a necklace)

Then let them dry - - that's it!  Mix and Match time and time again - - all you math geeks out there can figure out how many different pair combinations you can make with the set below:

I really like how they're a dangle earring but they're not SO big and dangly.  They are a good size for my 2nd grader.  Some in-action shots...

See, purple and pink - - now what's more fun than mixed up earrings?!

Grab a pack of Conversation Hearts and make a set of your own -- you'll love it!

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They look great on the girls! Perfect!

Awww! That us so clever. Perfect for those little darlings! ;)

How awesome-and especially if the girls loved them :)

These are cute! Perfect for the tweenage girls!

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