Craft It Forward, #RAOKDIY – What I Love about my Classroom

I LOVE the Pay it Forward movement – so so fun!  And this year Michael’s Stores is taking it a step further with Craft it Forward – so you can image I was giddy to participate!  Love this print: “We have the POWER to MAKE the world a Beautiful Place…”

A sneak peek of what I made….with the tutorial down below….

But first, I have to let you on the info – it’s such a great idea!

Yes, that’s THIS WEEK!!  You can  share your own random acts of kindness on the Michaels Facebook page; use the hashtag #RAOKDIY when sharing on Twitter and Instagram.  Find the Pinterest Board HERE.  Follow along so you don’t miss anything:

I was super excited about the chance to focus on creating a project specifically for someone else.  The possibilities were endless, but I finally settled on creating something for my kids’ teachers.  It started with this great printable I found over at eighteen25, so you’ll have to head over there to grab the download.  I printed it on a fit-to-page 11×17 paper. Ever since I joined 2013 and got a color printer, printables have been mine for the printing!  it’s addicting…

And then the crafty part comes in – creating the frame.  You’ll need:
–foamcore board
–spray glue
–craft paint
–wooden frame
–exacto knife

I picked up my frame at Michaels – isn’t is awesome?!?  It’s technically not a picture frame because the open middle doesn’t have a spot to hold anything, but that’s okay.  I found them on an end-cap near those small raw wooden shapes and cut-outs.  They were only $8 (if I remember right) – what a steal!

You’ll paint it the color you want.  If you want after that, you could distress it or ink the edges – I liked the crisp look of solid color for mine.

Lay the dried frame over the print and mark where it needs to be trimmed.  You want the print to be larger than the opening about 1/4 inch all the way around – you can see where I marked it using the cut-out holes

Take the print that’s been cut to size and use it as a template to cut your foam core board:

The easiest way to do this is to use a cutting ruler and an exacto knife – just follow the edge.

Use cover the cut piece of foam core in spray glue – let it dry a minute or two.  This will make it tacky so it’s sticky, but not too wet for the thin paper (it’s the same technique I use on my Giant Picture Tutorial)

Now the printable is attached and has a sturdy foam core back:

Take that board and attach it to the back of the frame, pressing firmly with the staple gun (love how it tells you which end the staples will come out of – I forget every time!)

That’s it!  My kids are SUPER EXCITED to give their teachers a gift.  I also asked each teacher if they had any crafty items on their wish list – one needed a way to organize construction paper and another needed new markers and pom poms.  Can do!

 Do you have any Craft It Forward Plans this week??  Don’t forget to share them via Social Media with Michael’s Stores!

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    Those are so cute!! I am sure there teachers will love them. I am doing a Heartfelt Acts this year with ideas for the whole year to kind of pay it forward, so not just this week.

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    I am love with these, when I was teaching first grade I would have LOVED to have my student bring one of these to school! What a great supportive parent you are Mandy; love it! :)
    Mackenzie :)


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