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When I first started my blog, I certainly couldn’t begin to imagine all the things that it would bring me…the best one being the amazing people I’ve met doing this! The blogging community and it’s readers are some of the kindest, most supportive people I’ve ever met, and I consider a lot of them my good friends. Not to mention meeting and getting to know people from all over the globe is pretty spectacular. Being a stay at home mom can sometimes be a solitary job…but blogging helps me feel connected. It’s also given me a creative outlet-a network of like minds that appreciate the drive to “make” all too well. (and have the messy craft rooms to prove it!) Blogging has given me opportunities and blessings I never thought it could, like a way to pay for family vacations and ballet lessons (and fabric, of course)…and even the opportunity to be published in books and magazines! In short, it’s been an amazing, crazy ride, and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me.

Check out a few of the great projects from Jess and Craftiness Is Not Optional:

Rolled Felt Flowers

Fabric Scrap Keychain

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