February 28, 2013

Crocheted Slippers

I did it!  I made some crocheted slippers - it's a proud crochet moment.

Let me tell you all about these...

I had about a million different slipper tutorials pinned - well, several anyways.  And after looking at a few I got the concept.  And I read a pattern and actually got it to work.  I'm not much for pattern-reading, and I'm only a very basic crocheter, so I was excited.

I used the pattern from 2CreateInColor because she wears a size 7, same as me. Her image:
I wasn't sure if they'd stay on well, so I made them come up higher on the front of the foot - - but then I think I had mine come up too high - oh well.

After making them, I would tweak them to be smaller and tighter on my toes and whole foot in general.  After wearing them a few days, they stretched out (especially after I wore them with thick socks on).  So the general idea - or way I can explain it best - is that you crochet around and around, like you are making a "hat" for your toes.  Then when you get to where the hat ends, you keep going but just in a back-and-forth rectangle across the bottom of your foot.  Then you connect the short side of the rectangle at the back of your foot.  That's how I picture the construction in my mind - hope that helps!

Then I took it up a notch - my daughter was prepping for Pajama Day at school and just HAD to have a pair of slippers - so I modified the pattern and made a pair for her - how's that for awesome?!

Fun, matching set!  The trickiest part about making them is making the second foot to match the first one - because I knew I didn't follow the pattern exactly so I wasn't sure I could replicate my changes for the second foot.

It was a fun crochet project - give it a try!!


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Very pretty. I'm a very basic crocheter too & have really wanted to find a cute simple slipper to try. I like the choice of yarn too. Nice job!

These are so cute and I bet comfy. I wish I could crochet.

Cute! I pretty much love anything colorful and crocheted :)

Your sillper so cute love the colour!

This are sweet. I can just barely crochet, more of a knitter, but I think I will give them a try. Pinned them anyway, lol.

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