February 8, 2013

Hand-Stamped Heart Cardigan - Tutorial!

I have never done a hand-stamped fabric project - until now!

Hand-Stamped Heart Cardigan

I had a cardigan that was just so-so (I think I bought at a thrift store), and so I figured it was the perfect thing to use to experiment with hand stamping onto fabric.  I have been LOVING aqua and red for Valentine's, so I knew the cardigan would be the perfect addition to a Valentine outfit.

Anyways, here's the before and after - see, it's just that extra "fun" now!

The big debate was whether to stamp just the front or do the whole cardigan (back and sleeves included) - - everyone weighed in with their opinion on FB.  I was undecided, so I started with the front - - by the time I finished up the front, my stamp was being more saturated and used up and less "crisp" so I just called it good instead of making a new stamp to finish the back and sleeves.  And plus I wasn't sure how I'd do the sleeves - I think I would need to be wearing it, right?  Anyways, here's a tutorial of how I did it:

First, cut a small heart out of felt.  I cut several in case I needed extra.  I used 2 to make my stamp stand up enough.

Hot glue the 2 layers of felt shape together.  And hot glue that to the bottom of a block.  This will give you a nice grip on the stamp (don't worry - the kids won't miss one block)

Mark your fabric or cardigan or whatever you're stamping in the places you want.  I used chalk and twisted it to get it to mark on my cardigan.  Mine are spaced 2 inches apart and then they alternate each column, so they're diagonally only 1 inch apart (columns are 1 inch apart) - hope that makes sense.
 Next up put a piece of cardboard under it and grab your paint. I used Tulip "soft" fabric paint - it's by the puff paint and stuff in the store.

Dip your stamp into the paint and try it out a few times on the cardboard or paper to get the hang of it - then jump right in! (this photo is from my instargram feed)

That's it!  My hearts aren't stiff at all.  I haven't washed it yet so I can't comment on that, but it seems like it will hold up just fine.  I'm super excited to pair this with my red dress for Sunday - but I thought you might need a jump on the project so I actually put the outfit together just for you, a little early.  And it was raining - but the umbrella was red so it's a win-win.

Have you ever stamped any fabric??  I'd love to hear about it (maybe I'll put together a round-up post, so if you've done it and posted about it, leave me a link).  If you haven't tried it - - go for it!!

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This is so cute! I love how it turned out and it looks so easy. I'm sure I have a shirt in my closet that needs this treatment

What a great way to spruce it. Very nice!

I like that you just did the front! Totally cute! Love the color combo!

Very sweet - what a nice transformation from 'blah' to 'ahhh'!

That really turned out good! Your outfit is adorable I am loving the aqua and watermelon look!

love it!love the umbrella..and red and blue together....the whole thing is just awesomeness.

What a cute idea, I love it with the red dress!!

That is so cute! Pinning for sure! I'd love to hear how it holds up in the wash.


Love it, turned out great! Hope you have a super weekend.

How adorable!! Love the hearts on the cardigan, it looks so cute! I'll have to try hand stamping something like this too, I love this idea!

very cute, I love that you just did the front, and that red dress is AMAZING! Where did you get it?

So cute and so simple! Tnak you for this tutorial!!

This is such a cute idea! Never thought about this until now…

Love, Midsommarflicka

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