LEGO Harlem Shake

Here’s one the kids (and all LEGO lovers everywhere) will enjoy….  LEGO Harlem Shake – – clearly this takes Harlem Shake to a whole new level.

And I’ve got some behind-the-scenes fun to show you….

So here’s the general setup – – a couple of lamps and our kitchen table.

Trevor used a Stop Motion App on his iPad that made things pretty easy.  He would hit the button, it’d snap a picture, then he’d move the guys, hit the button that snapped another picture, repeat a gillion times.  Then the app welds everything together.

In case you wondered, we roll in pj pants around here:

Anyways, back to the video at hand.  Here’s the pile of mini-figs that didn’t make the cut as actors:

And kiddos that didn’t make the cut as director’s assistants – they were told to back up because they kept shaking the table.  And this picture captured how kid #4 threw a punch at #3 – – keeping it real.

Remember, you can find the family evening version of the Harlem Shake HERE.

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    THIS IS JUST TOO COOL!! sorry for the Caps but it’s have just started a trend…and like it better than the whole “Hey Girl stuff”…I see what my hubs is going to be doing around here with his iPad this weekend. Thank You so much for sharing!

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    SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!! Love love love the creativity and the family togetherness and all the wonderful stuff this video represents. Way to go!!!!!!! I’m going to share this to my facebook and get you more views!

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