February 5, 2013

LIVE Hangout!!

Are you here for the live hangout??  if so, You Are AWESOME (look, I figured out how to take a picture with my webcam!)

  If I can work technology, it should automatically play below....

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12 Fabulous Comments:

Great job ladies! Loved the ideas you shared! I couldn't find the show right on G+ (I don't know what I was doing wrong lol) but watched you here :)

I'm just glad I figured out how to put int on my blog :)
thanks for watching!

Great ideas! Love the idea to use real coversation hearts! You could tack them onto bobby pins too! They come the same way as the earrings, with the base on them!

Love the video and the cute ideas! I love love love that necklace you were wearing, Mandy. I will have to try that with my daughter :)

Cute conversation necklace and I LOVE decorating everything with vinyl!

Boo...stupid work restrictions on videos. Guess I will have to watch when I get home.

I was at the dollar store, saw the rose petals and conversation hearts................that's why we have ladies like you. Didn't even occur to me, haha. Great video!

Love the conversation heart necklace... loved the vid... great ideas found from both of you! Kathi

Such great ideas....love the Valentines earrings and the necklace and love the flowers out of rose petals that Kim made.

How fun!! I love how quickly you were making jewelry!

YOu are both so cute!!!! What a fun thing to do.

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