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I am having a pillow dilemma – I don’t know what I’m doing!  I know what you’re thinking “didn’t you revamp your master bedroom a couple of years ago??  and you’re still not done?”  I’m bad about completing projects – I get them to about 90% done then move on.  That’s normal, right?  So anyways, I thought it’s time to put the finishing touches on my bedroom – all I have left is pillows and hanging things on the wall.

I stenciled the walls and made nightstands and love them both!  But I struggle with details.  I knew I wanted to use that Amy Butler fabric in some EuroShams, so I made those and love them.  But then what?! Here’s how it looked with just them (from Trevor’s post All About the Pillows, which is pretty funny)

 I called playgroup up to my bedroom for an analysis and the consensus was to add some solid color, so then I added the 2 blue pillows – I think it’s better than before.  To add some fun, I made the His and Hers pillows (which Trevor likes to arrange inappropriately…) – – so, opinions?

Does it need more pillows?  Good how it is?  I already feel like there are a TON of pillows on this bed – underneath the 3 Euro Shams are the 3 we actually use for sleeping, plus the 2 fun ones and the 2 regular blue sham ones – 10 pillows.  Is that normal?!  How many pillows do you have on your bed?

My favorite are the His and Her, because they’re fun!

Again, an overall shot for you – -

 And while I’m quizzing you for opinions, what about lamps??  I know the one in there is too small for the space, but what is right?  Sconces?  Big round drum shades?  Other ideas?

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    What about 1 or 2 medium sized round pillows…the tootsie rolled shaped ones….in the green/yellow that you have as your accent color on your nightstands and in the big Euroshams? You could put them behind the boy/girl pillows or behind the plain blue as a small(ish) pop of color.

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    I actually think your bedside tables are too small, they are an awesome color but they get lost. I love the idea of big drum shades but I think you would need larger side tables to pull it off. Im also not crazy about the Amy Butler fabric, but thats more a personal choice. Lol. Does this comment seem mean? I love the stenciled wall and your bedding. Oooh, how about a throw at the foot of the bed with a pop of color?

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    I think a throw on the bed is a good idea, rather than adding more pillows. I wouldn’t add more pillows at all. But then, my husband and I have two and that’s enough for me. I don’t do the whole decorative pillow thing. I got the Arstid wall lamps for Ikea and I LOVE them. It’s SO nice to not have lamps on the night stand. And I can just picture gorgeous prints about the bed in pretty silver frames. I’m loving your room so far! Want to help with mine? ;)

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    I would say maybe one more pillow (patterned) centered in front of the blue pillows with the boy and girl pillow in front of that. I think that one more layer is what it needs. Agree that a throw or folded quilt at the foot of the bed would be nice.

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    If this were my room I would have solid colored pillows in the back in yellow and use that print in a throw at the foot of the bed. The wall is awesome and I think the floral competes.
    I would go with white, short lamps that don’t go up above the wood. They would just blend in.
    Boy I have some opinions! But you asked.

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    You have worked so really hard, I love your wall. I would have change your bedside tables to larger ones,but if you love them I would just move them away from your bed slightly. This will show them off more, they are a beautiful colour. Then I would add short white wooden lamp bases with a large blue drum shape lampshade making sure it does not go above the white. Then I would add two large pictures above each one on your beautiful wall. You just need to add some colour at the bottom of the bed to bring it all together. I would not add any more cushions I love the two tiny ones. Hope this helps I love doing up rooms , but of course everyone has their own taste. and you have done alright up to now whatever you do I’m sure it will be perfect.

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    You asked… Love the pillows as they are… inappropriate or posed! lol I agree they are a touch of fun in the room. I think the wall over the bed needs some grounding like a large canvas with a lot of white space and then like your initial in buttons on it??? Have you seen that??? Love the bedside tables and the tall skinny lamp works for me because the tables are small… add a cute diminished color shade to the top to help it be trendy like the room already is! Not sure what that is but I bet if you go shopping you will find inspiration! Kathi

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    When we (I) make our bed, there are a total of 10 on the bed. But I think what your problem is they are all the same shape. Try something round, or a little roll pillow. Even a body pillow might help. As for the lamps – I would suggest at least a larger lamp shade. The one you have gets lost.

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    I think it looks lovely as is! You have more than enough pillows! (What do you do with them when sleeping?) I think your wall is awesome, I would not hang anything on it.

    I struggle with lamps too. I would get a new shade. Actually, a beaded shade would be really cool, but you are probably not looking for another huge project lol.

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    Have you had enough opinions on your pillows yet? Here’s mine. I love the floral fabric on the 3 pillows in the back but they compete with the wall paper because they are both busy and because they have about the same scale. Even if they were shorter so there is a bit of the solid headboard exposed would help. Solid pillows in the back, perhaps in that blue, floral on the 2 pillows in the middle. Yes your end tables seem a little small, move them slightly away from the bed. Love the color. Since the end tables are small, how about wall mounted lights, or from the ceiling? But really, your bedroom looks really nice. Can’t wait to see what you do.

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    Ok…I think that the pillows could work but need to be rearranged. With the big print right up by the stencil, they compete with each other too much. If you want to use the printed ones, try breaking them up with the solid ones.
    Honestly, I think the end tables are on the small size for the space/scale of the bed. Maybe if they weren’t quite so close to the bed?
    For the lamps, I am not sure. You don’t have much space on the side tables to put a much bigger lamp but the one there is too small. Sorry I can’t offer much in that department…I ALWAYS struggle with lighting.

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    I think it looks perfect! And I really might copy the 3 square pillows. We have 3 sleeping pillows too because my husband uses 2! There’s actually a fourth on there, so it looks even, but your three are hidden very nicely.

    What about a short fat lamp that’s not at tall as the patterned wall?

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