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The funny thing about blogging, is it changes your life in ways you don’t think it will.  Everyone has a different reason for starting a blog, mine was to share my sewing projects and gain readers.  What I would do once I had a following, I had no idea. But I figured baby steps – right? And I put in the hard work to achieve my goals. I remember when 1,000 followers seamed like an unattainable goal – when I reached that number I literally jumped up and down in my living room. But since then my blog goals have changed.  I have come to realize what is truly important to me, which is also how blogging has changed my life in the most important way, my friendships. 

I have made friends with some of the most amazing women, women who share the same passions I do and completely understand…everything. They cheer me on when I am doing well, they listen and help as we bounce ideas off each other, and they lift me up when I am down. The friendships I have made through blogging is the most unexpected gift. 

Blogging has increased the number of friends I have by the multiples, and I am so very thankful.

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