Moo Business Cards – giveaway!

I am mesmerized by Moo Business Cards – have you seen them??  ah-mazing.

The cool thing about Moo is that you can get a SET of cards – like the cards don’t have to all be the same.  It’s called Printfinity, and it’s such a genius idea – – this video explains it all and shows some fun examples:

The problem:  I can’t decide!  One option – – have an image of a different popular project of mine on the back, kind of like these photos”

Another option – do something random and unexpected, like cassette tapes, on the back.

I’ve also considered drawing out a puzzle or my logo image or something and then dividing the main image into 6 or so small pieces of the image, so you have to collect all 6 cards to put it together.
Or another idea is a unique link on the back of cards – like access to a special project or something, and come up with half a dozen of those so you’ll want to collect them all.
Or what about using the MiniCards and twine, like a tag?
Tamar uses beaded MiniCards as gorgeous tags on her products

And then there’s the option to get sticker business cards – how cool is that?!

So, recap, business cards I’m think of -
–different project photo on each one
–randomness – cassette tape, etc
–puzzle/logo and you collect all 6 to put the image together
–unique link on the back to a secret blog page
–minicard to look like a tag
–sticker, so you can stick it to something

If you were at a blog conference with me, which would you like to receive?  If you were a blogger, which would you like to give out?  I just can’t decide so I thought I’d ask for opinions.

Also, it’s giveaway time!  3 winners will each get a set of 50 Classic Business Cards.  To enter, use Rafflecopter below:
 Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    I like those with something random on the back, like a cassette tape, although I think, they don’t really fit for a blogger. Or I’m just to uncreative to think about something that would fit…
    But I DO like the idea of the different project photos and I LOVE MOOs Mini Cards – I’m thinking about them for myself since a long time already… :)

    (Little question to the give-away: Is it open worldwide?)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  2. says

    different project photo in each one i think is the best…
    not only it will showcase your work, it will also show your signature work… and what you are capable of.


    that’s important in business word…. HONEST WORK!

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