February 5, 2013

Owie Owls - Valentine Collection

Look, a new flock!!

Normally I make all the Owie Owls different, but I thought doing a Valentine Collection would be fun -so I did.  There are Red/Aqua, Aqua/Red, Pink/Aqua, and Aqua/Pink.

You know I LOVE Owie Owls - - they nest in the freezer and come out to heal bumps.  They're an ice pack alternative and aren't as cold as ice so that kids will actually use them.  And the bonus for me is the "healing power" they have - you know, instead of putting countless bandaids on minimal owies, I just say "oh, yeah, you bonked yourself - go get the owl" and it cures the problem.  Done and done.

Here there little owls...

I sell these in a local boutique and have a Craft Fair this weekend, but I'd be happy to ship some as well (since I know some of you will ask about that).  I probably won't put them in my etsy shop just yet, but if you email me directly (mandybeez at gmail) I can just invoice you that way - - they are $11, and $5 to ship - if you know friends who want one, go in on shipping to get the best deal.

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these are sooooo cute. and i'm going to need you to try to respond to this comment....because i can take a hint....

love the owie?..n me too love them so much..come n visit me for more owie....love the color..!!

What a great idea! And so cute, too. I could see myself getting hurt on purpose just to cuddle with one.

They are really cute, such a great idea.

What do you put inside them? Ice? Frozen Peas? They are adorable.

These are adorable! I had an "Love is owl you need" party for my girls not long ago. I hope you stop by to link- http://atozebracelebrations.com/2013/02/link-party-6.html

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